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Milled Trigger Gxuirtl For Sako Sporter

Firearms International Corp.. 6521 Kerby Hill Road. Washington. D. C.. announces a now all steel milled trigger guard to fit their well known Sako Forester .222 caliber rifles. A minimum of inletting is required to install the new milled guard and the price is just $4.75. It makes a \ery great improvement in the appearance of this fine little rifle.

New .22 WRF Magnum

Winchester announces a new and improved version of the best of all rim fire .22 caliber cartridges for game shooting. Over 40 years ago we found out the hard way that the .22 Special, otherwise known as the .22 WRF, was a much better killer than the .22 L.R. Before the clays of Kleanbore priming and high speed ,22s. the .22 WRF threw a 45 grain bullet at around 1110 feet per second a? against a 40 grain slug for the .22 LR at only 900 f.p.s. velocity. As a boy at that time in .Montana. I obtained much of my spending money by hunting jack rabbits for the market. The big old white Montana Jack Rabbits brought 40 rents each at the Helena Meat Market, cottontails and snowshoes 20 cents each, and mv days bag was limited by the number of heavy rabbits a skinny kid could lug back to town. At that time I found the .22 WRF far superior to the .22 LR on the big. bouncing bunnies. I had a good Model 1890 Winchester pump action for the cartridge. with Lyman tang peep and ivory bead, and soon got so a big jack had to really lay them down to get away, if in level open country.

The cartridges could be packed loose in the coat or pants' pocket without danger of picking up grit and dirt fas was the case with the greasy bullet .22 LR). The cartridge was also a far better killer on all small game than the .22 LR.

Colt's, about that lime, made a fine lillle Police Positive Target for the .22 WRF cartridge. with 6" barrel. My friend Ste*en Camp, a taxidermist at Ovando, Montana, showed me the skulls of three grizzly and four black bear he had trapped and killed with that little Colt for the .22 WRF cartridge. Steve would wait until the bear's head was down as he bit at the trap, then take him in line with the brain over the eyes or, if the bear was turned sideways, he would take him at I he butt of the ear. Believe it or nor. the little 45 grain bullets often went through the skidl on both sides of the brain pan, which is located in the extreme rear end of the skull.

Professional butchers of those days also preferred the .22 WRF for killing hogs and beef, because of its better penetration. In hollow point persuasion it was a far belter cartridge, and still is. for that matter, than the .22 LR for grouse shooting.

Now Winchester has really modernized the .22 WRF by giving it a 40 grain hollow point jacketed bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2000 f.p.s. from 24" barreled rifles, and 1550 feet from a 6" barrel pistol. The new cartridges were shown at the N.R.A. Convention at Washington, and we look for them to create a great deal of interest among all small game shooters, hand gunners as wll as riflemen.

Winchester has pointed this new cartridge at the Hand Gun Industry as a small game load. Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger have announced revolvers for it, and others will doubtless follow; so its popularity is assured, and we will have the best .22 rim fire ever produced for killing the tougher small game. With no exposed grease to catch dirt and grit, this ammunition can be carried in the pocket of coat or chaps. Velocity is enough to give flat trajectory; penetration is sufficient for brain shots on trapped animals or for killing cattle, etc., with brain shots. This cartridge will make a real grouse and rabbit gun out of .22 caliber sixguns. For years I have tried to interest Smith & Wess and Ruger in chambering the S & W K-22. and the Ruger Single Six for the good old .25 Stevens Long cartridge, as it was an even better small game cartridge than the .22 WRF, but so far with no success at all. Now, if ¡lie Hand Gun Makers will chamber their good revolvers for this new and improved .22 WRF Magnum, the .22 caliber revolvers should become far more popular all over the West and among trappers everywhere.

Winchester promised a new rifle to handle the cartridge for test, after the N.R.A. convention and we will then report further on it. Twist will be one turn in 16" right hand and groove diameter .224." plus .001" maximum. The new .22 WRF Magnum case is considerably longer than the old .22 WRF, preventing its use in rifles or revolvers chambered for the old cartridge. Case diameter seems the same on both body and head. The new case is 1.005" long, cartridge overall 1.350". This will no doubt prevent its working through existing repeating actions for the old .22 WRF cartridge. Maximum bullet diameter is given as .2245", which is too large for many barrels cut for the .22 LR cartridge. So, unless existing hand guns have a groove diameter of .2245", then I hey are not for rechambering to the new cartridge. Indications are that all hand gun makers will have to make special barrels for the new round as well as new chambering reamers. The longer case length of the

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