French Chauchat Mm Machine Rifle

single shot or full automatic—Used iri two World Wars!! by French &. U. S. in WWI, and French & Belgians at start of WWII. At this price it should be in every rifle or automatic weapons collection. Complete with crescent 20 rd. map:.. Bipod, stocks, and flash hlder, etc. Good, only $10.05

ACCESSORY kiT: ' Consisting 'of 2* extra mags' & carrying case, tool set. special aircraft sights, plus other extras. Kit with gun $3.75. Without gun $9.95. A $15.OO Value.


7.92mm S, Versatile semi- and full-automatic weapon oi WWII — Dubbed by lliller, "STURMGKWK1IK 44" <Storm Ulfle. 1044). A classic example of the use of stamping» in aims manufacture. Complete with very rare 30 rd. mag $4 0.05

^These items are available in fully active condition with proper U.S. Treasury authorization to the buyer.

PARTS FOR Revolvers, Automatics & Rifles

Llama. Ballester-Molina. Colt, Smith & Wesson Webley Scott, Enfields, Springfields, Rem. Rolling Blocks. Carl Gustav, Mauser, Vetterli, Krag, Mannlicher, Many others.

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