(Continued j' light feeling associated with the usual 4" service re\olver. For fast work it should settle down very nicely for successive shots.

Fred Miller of Smith & Wesson also pulled a new variation of the 9 mm. Double Action Automatic out from under the table. In the writers personal opinion this is the most desirable military pistol available today, and now it has been refined still more. The first apparent change is an ejection port cover attached to the frame. It fits down closely over the slide, yet permits the slide to move under it freely, thus opening the ejection port only at the moment of ejection. Tests prove this item increases reliability considerably under severe sand conditions.

This same gun was fitted with a new magazine. Most shooters are well acquainted with the result of even a few grains of sand in an automatic pistol magazine, jamming the rounds and causing stoppage. I defy sand to stay in this new magaizne. Both the body and follower have been skeletonized to the point where sand and dirt will fall out as fast as it can get in. Companion to the magazine is a clear plastic cover which effectively seals all magazine openings. This cover can be retained in the pouch or belt. As a result clean and dry magazines are available at all times, even though the pouch or belt are well soaked by rain or spray.

The Cartridge Without A Gun

We gunbugs are peculiar people. Only a few days after my article, "The Poor Man's Magnum" appeared (GUNS Magazine, Janu-

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