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(Continued from page 64) firearm, you need only hold it out and press the button on the spray can. A smooth even coat of this preservative grease is sprayed on.

We gave it a most rigid test by coating one half of a brightly polished Colt sixgun barrel and leaving the other half uncoated. Then we hung it up over Eddie Schaller's blueing tanks. After lie had blued a lot of arms and parts, with steam and fumes from the hot caustic blueing salts rising and thoroughly coating the barrel, the barrel was left hanging until the next session of blueing. When taken down and examined, the uncoated section of the barrel was thoroughly rusted, while (lie coated portion was as bright as the day we sprayed it. As ihe fumes from boiling blueing salts will not rust through the preservative under, intense heat and the condensation from cooling and again being subjected to the same treatment, we feel that Lehigh Chemical Co. of Cheslerlown, Md., has a very worthwhile and fool proof gun preservative and one that is very quick and simple to apply.

We also tesled their gun grease and gun oil, finding them both very high quality products. The gun grease certainly smoothed up stiff working parts after being blued.

Sizing & Loading Dies For British Elephant Cartridges

The Hollywood Gun Shop, Hollywood, Calif., now makes and furnishes sizing and loading dies (or all the big English express cordite cartridges. All of these big cartridges can be reloaded by using the English Berdan cap or the caps furnished by the Alcan Co., Alton. 111. Lyle Corcoran's Hollywood dies do a first class job of resizing full length in his big presses, and also a first class job of bullet seating. It is now easy to work up a load for any of the big British bolt or double barrel guns with our cool burning I.M.R. powders. Cast bullets can also be used for light loads, or even paper patched bullets for use with black powder if desired. I.C.I. (Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., of London) luive dropped many famous elephant cartridges from their lists, but now that dies can be bad from the Hollywood Gun Shop, and thick jacket solids and soft nose bullets of proper weight from Fred N. Barnes, Grand Junction, Colo., anyone can reload for his rilie if he has a few cases.

Many sizes of cases can be made easily with this Hollywood sizing die from others that are on the continued list. The .500-.450 V/i" can be made from the .470 or .475 straight. The .476 can be made from the .470, .465, or .475 straight by cutting off one-fourth inch and resizing. Likewise, cool burning American powders will give longer barrel life.

.30 and .35 Newton Cases

Speer Product- Corp, of Lewiston, Idaho, made a good many .30 and .35 Newton cases. We get a good many inquiries about cases for these carl ridges. If you can get the new ones from Speer. well and good. If not, you can alway- make your .30 and .35 Newton cases from .375 Magnum II & H brass. They will size down nicely for the .30 and .35 Newton, and first firing expands the case forward of the bell to (ill the chamber. We have used .375 II & 11 cases for many years to make .30 and .35 Newton cases, and with excellent result-.

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