Incredible Ammo Bargains

MINIMUM ORDER 100 ROUNDS. All prices below per 100 rounds. AM ammo must be shipped RR-/ EXPRESS. SHIPPING CHARGES COLLECT. Sens* tional New sensational prices! Save. save. save.4

Here li is: The linest C.5X55 cartridge ever developed ' and manufactured hy those ever-lovin' Swedes to standards unsurpassed anywhere 011 earth. A real Sweedle by anv standard at a GIVEAWAY price for those fine 1 Swedish Mausers and Norwegian Krags. 108 Gr. bullet ] and superb brass cases assure Joyous reloading with prop- , er components for years to come. A truly terrific bargain!

Superb appearing original 6.5mm Italian ball loads lor Í all those imported rifles. Packed in original 6 rd. clips . ready to use in all those Italian 0.5 mm rifles and car- \ bines. Cheapest price ever offered for these magnificent < appearing cartridges. Components alone worth double!

Finest quality recent date issue bail a.nmo In ORIGINA 6 rd. CI. I PS at the lowest price ever offered. Others se the clips alone for more than we sell the ammo loaded i in (hem. 128-gr. orftrinnl issue ball round . . . the first] of the new 'short cartridges' and still among the finest. |


Choice lot of Captured Communist cartridges plckcd up J near alleged Sputnik remains In California by Ye Old { Hunter—the erreatcst globe girdler of dem all. 150 Gr. FP Issue loads. Order now! Don't put It off another dayl \

The collectors' and shooters' find of the year at lowest i price ever offered! The rarest and most desirable oil contemporary Mauser rounds available at last! For merly J sold up to Si per round, so slock up now while supply] liists at this amazing price. Contemporary production! / 184 Gr. Boat-tailed Bullets. What-a-glve-away. Today!

Ye Old Hunter left no stone unturned to bring you this i gleaming late dale ammunition. Manufactured in the J mid 40's. it literally sparkles as you lift the lid on these f shinv brass cases. No further need to Inquire: Ihis is on , hand ready to be sped on i Is merry way today! Top grade! J

.30-06 U.S COMMERCIAL $7.50

1 Sensational low price on these superbly intact delight- j rfully mellowed Winchester 150 GR FP Bullets. Per- y Ifectly flawlessly preserved brass cases. 20 rd. Co " fmercial original boxes. Manufactured in roaring 2> and joyous 3<>'s to delight the expensive 50's w k their unbelievable economy ami discolored hues; Now

U.S. ARMY MODEL 1917—CAL. 30-06 RIFLES! just received!!! A" NRA Vepy 9°°d or better!

Virtually Unfired

Virtually Unfired

Fresh From Government Cases!

Think of it! A U.S. Army lsite Model 1917, caliber 30-0<5 Rifles, virtually unfired . . . fresh from government cases at an unprecedented give-away price of only $27.'Jo. The latest and last model bolt action rifle of U.S. manufacture, and designed for super strength. Now in your favorite 30-06 caliber, but easily converted into virtually any caliber for you super-duper fanatics. Conies complete with the highly accurate precision receiver sight, and for vou telescope enthusiasts, the bolt and safe are ¡ilrcmly designed for scope clearance. Ye Old Hunter spared no effort to bring you now the greatest of 'em all, and at what a never before—ever again price shattering bargain. Order today while the supply lasts. Plenty of bargain U.S. made ammo on hand at only $7.50 per 300.

(A few "like mint" selected specimens on hand for you ultimate Model '17 seekers at only S5.00 additional.)

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