Congresswoman Iris F. Blitch, Eighth District, Georgia

The Sf.coxd Amendment to the United States Gmslitution. like the rest of the Bill of Rights, is a restriction on the Federal Government. In my opinion, the framers of the Amendment said what they meant and meant what they said, in simple words that permit no distortion. It needs no interpretation: no involved explanation to becloud the intent: the preservation of the right of the people to keep and hear arms for the protection of their lives, their homes, and their liberties.

Senator Gordon Allott, Colorado

Coloradoans like myself enjoy hunting, and are blessed with bountiful opportunities. We accept such gun controls as have proven necessary to curb criminal elements, but we maintain our right to keep arms, not as an arsenal but as spoiling weapons.

Senator Clinton P. Anderson, New Mexico

The Second Amendment of the Constitution should stand until it is unmistakably clear that it is of no value; indeed, that it works a 'Hardship upon the American citizen, whether or not he falls within the modern definition of militia. So long as the Second Amendment is in effect. I believe every effort should be made to prevent its infringement. An example of a proposed regulation infringing the citizen's lights appeared in certain proposed Treasury Regulations on which hearings were held in August 1957. in Washington. Among many points to which I objected at those hearings was a section proposing to authorize any Internal Revenue officer to examine the books, papers and records kept by the licensee during business hours day or night. I asked, then, what was the purpose of this section? Was it the intimidation of the licensed firearms dealer? Could the purpose be harassment? Has it been our experience that the average dealer is dishonest? I questioned whether any such authority would have the desired effect of curbing criminals. Rather, it would result in infringement of the freedom of law-abiding citizens to own. keep and hear firearms. Further, it is but a short step from the granting of authority to inspect a dealer's records, to a request for authority to inspect the premies of the purchaser nf arms and ammunition. We will have altered very suhstantiollv the intent of Amendment II to the Constitution if that authority is ever granted.

Representative Frank J. Becker, Third District, New York

Many times in recent years there have been attempts by legislation In curtail the effects of the Second Amendment. All through the history of the United States, from the lime of and including the Revolutionary War. it was the citizen soldier both voluntarily and through subscription who has been called to arms to defend our country and to fight our wars. Under this second Amendment, every citizen has the right to keep certain arms in his possession and many men, because of this right, have become very proficient in the use of arms in target shooting and/or hunting. 1 believe the Second Amendment should be adhered to and no regulations or legislation should be permitted to infringe upon this right.

Senator Wallace F. Bennett, Utah

I believe the National Guard as it is now constituted (its the meaning of the word "militia' as nin the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Of course, while the National Guard is the formally organized militia in each stale, the Second Amendment, guarding the rights of I lie people to keep and bear arms, goes beyond this, fn my opinion this right, which is too often taken away under dictatorship, is an important safeguard of our American heritage. It is a mark of the respect the government has for its citizens and of the trust it places in them.


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