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Engineering CarbineCarbine Barrel Dimensions

GUNS Technical Staff

Biggest step forward In safeties in years is H & R key lock that spirals steel pin against mainspring strut, blocks hammer against maximum pull when "safe."

Military Parts Specialist

We have received a new barrel for our Ml from R. Reppert, King-of-Prussia, Penn., who slocks large quantities of military rifle and machine gun parts. Reppert's MG parts are usually sold on export orders only, but he has "large quantities of new parts for the Springfield M1903 and M2 .22 Springfields; Ml Carbine and some Ml rifle parts including Ml-D Sniper barrels." Reppert sells these barrels at $9.95. and the one we received was brand new. bore perfect, ready to screw in. Manufacturing tolerances on the Ml rifle are held to close dimensions and the new barrel fitted perfectly. Was glad to get the new barrel, as an ROTC student to whom we lent the Ml. rusted out the barrel with corrosive CI ammo. The Ml-D barrel has a lump on the breech to which the special sniper scope mount fits. In installing the barrel on regular gun, the handguard was cut back a little, leaving the edge so it fitted into a groove around the barrel, a little like the groove or hood on the front of some Mauser receivers to hold the handguard. According to Reppert, "These barrels were selected and star gauged at Springfield Armory for best possible accuracy on the sniper rifle. Either sight can be used." Check with Reppert—he may have that Springfield part you need. Also a few Springfield rifles occasionally, and bonafide orders for .30 and .50 Browning machine guns, various models.

The H & R Key-Locked Safely

People have been preaching, "Keep your guns under lock and key," for a long lime, but with limited effect for the reason that (a) gun cranks like to have their guns on display, anil (b) locked, glass-fronted gun cases run into money and take up space which sometimes just isn't available. Result: too often, childish fingers (adult as well as juvenile) find a gun that is loaded, produce an accident that breeds black newspaper

GUNS Technical Staff headlines and throw the anti-gun people into a frenzy.

This is why we think the new key-locked safety in the gun itself, which is being featured in new Harrington & Richardson revolvers, is an invention of major importance, worthy of consideration by all manufacturers for use on all kinds of firearms— not to replace conventional safeties (essential to the safe handling of a gun in use) but in addition to conventional safeties, to make the gun safe, loaded or not, when you hang it tip or drop it in that ill-reputed "bureau drawer."

Accidental casualties with guns are so few that they constitute only an almost infinitesimal fraction of one percent of accident casualties. But even one gun accident is too many to be condoned as a mere statistic. Locked-by-a-key safeties would not prevent the "accidental" murder committed by the fool who shoots at sounds in the woods, but they could prevent (or at the worst, decrease) the "eight-year-old finds dad's loaded gun, shoots baby sister" stories which make all lovers of guns shudder. Suppose that eight-year-old does find dad's loaded gun, locked in this fashion. He may hit baby sister over the head with it, or drop it on his or her toes, but he won't shoot her— because neither he nor a strong man can either cock the hammer or pull the trigger. The gun is exactly as inert and exactly as safe as a like weight of any other shape.

The H & R key-locked butt safety is patented, of course; but it is, or could easily be made, applicable in a variety of simple adaptations to every pistol-gripped shotgun or rifle made, or to the trigger group assemblies of other guns.

Gun manufacturers, and American makers in particular, have spared neither effort nor expense to make guns just about the safest of all machines.

This gun-grip lock developed by H & R is one more step toward the accident-proof Utopia toward which we strive. That's why we've urged H & R to make this design available, -timehow, in some fashion, to all American gunmakers and gunsmiths. Frank Cowdrcy nf II & R tells me that this device is going i>n all their shotguns and revolvers; why not also on Colts and S & Ws and Winchesters and Ithacas and Remingtons and all the others—to make American guns, even more than thev are now, the safest guns in the world ?—W.B.E.

i\eiv At Tampa

The Midwinter National Pistol Matches at Tampa, Florida, this year were especially welcome to those of us who took leave of the frigid snow-bound northland to go competition shooting. And nearly as welcome as Florida's sunshine and floral beauty were several new items shown by Smith & Wesson.

Probably the most interesting arrival on the pistol-shooting scene was the Smith & Wesson Model 46 target automatic, .22 caliber. Essentially, this is the fine Model 41 pistol after receiving an excellent production engineering overhaul. All the basic design features and quality that contribute to the excellence of the 41 have been retained, but by careful study the non-es-sential frills have been eliminated to bring i he price down to approximately S85.00. Changes from the M41 are as follows: the compensator has been eliminated along with I he stub muzzle that supported it. The internal barrel weight and grooves have been eliminated. The cartridge indicator pin is omitted from the rear of the frame. The fine bright blue of the M41 has been replaced by a pleasing but less bright finish. Stocks are molded nylon instead of checkered walnut. This gun comes equipped with a single small barrel weight. The weight shown at Tampa was square with a slotted head clamping screw, but the shape of the production model weight has not been determined. Also omitted are the relief cuts on the frame and the checkering on magazine release.

All these omissions have no effect on the finely finished lock work and bore that produce accurate shooting with the M41. The M46 is a fine, lower-priced version of the M41 with just as many x's in it as its more sophisticated companion.

Another welcome addition to the .22 caliber line is a 5" barrel for the M41. The desirability of a short barrel was discussed with Smith & Wesson people at Camp Perry last year, and now it is available. This interchangeable barrel with its red bead quick draw front sight will convert your M41 to the ultimate in a plinking gun. It also may be had with the target front sight. This barrel will not fit the M46 unless an M41 slide is used with it. Dimension changes in non critical areas are responsible.

Shown also was a boon to the ham handed shooter—an enlarged trigger guard for the M41. This item may be had on a new gun at no additional cost or may be purchased separately.

Also seen was the new heavy barrelled Military & Police model in .38 Special. This little gem tips the scales at 34 ounces and is available only in the 4" barrel. The barrel seems identical except for length with the heavy K barrel. It has none of the muzzle (Continueij on page 52)

"Wherever I go, I see more and more people shooting the modern Crosman Pellguns. The reason is, a Crosman is both a man's gun and a family gun. Shoot a Pellgun in and around your home all year long like I do. It's good recreation when I'm on the road, too. And a Crosman Pellgun is safe, quiet and easy to handle it fits today's living/

Take Stan Musial's advice and see the new Pellguns at any Crosman Select Dealer.

W rfte for new booklet, "Now Shooting Is Three Times More Fun." Crosman Arms Co., Dept. G-30, Fairport, N. Y.

Shooting is 3 Times MORE FUN with


In CanadarCrosmon Arms (Canada) Ltd., Toronto.

In Mexico: Armas Deportîvas, Crosman De Mexîco S. A. Manuel Maria Contreras 78, Mexico 4, D_ F.


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