Leather Craft

NEW M70 FWT Barreled-Actions $97.15, standard sights, or Scope Spccial—without rear sight slot & front sight ramp. New M70K rifles with your choice scopc mount, or Can jar trigger, standard & Scope Specials, $12!». 95 delivered. Carey. 1086 Kelly St.. New York 59.

HUSQVAltNA, 30-06 CROWN Grade; Stith Bear Cub IX Lee Dot Scope; llerter Presentation Grade Glass Bedded Stock; Ski])-Line Checkering; Adjustable Trigger; Excellent: $265.00. S. P. ltecs, 5990 Bishop, Detroit 24, Michigan.__

30-30 WIN. RIFLES, good cond. 50.00. .45 A.C.P. 40.00 M. 1000 Minimum. .30 M.I. Carbine 40.00 M, Hollow Point 8.00 C. Soft point 10.00 C. .22 Long Rifle, 11.00 M. Shotshells as Low as 1.60 Box. All Shot sizes. Dick's Gun Room. F razor Lake ltd, Hoi lister, Calif.

LEATHERCRAFT CATALOG Free. Kirkpatrick Leather Co., Box 637-A10. Gainesville, Texas.

OLD HANDCUFFS, legirons. thumbfasts. shackles wanted. Patterson Smith, 2FL, 269 Shepard Ave.. East Orange. X. J._

COLLECTOR WANTS German helmets. World War I types. Describe and price. Stevens, 209 Color in, Palos Verdes Estates. Calif,

"DELUXE STEVENS Favorites With Checkered Pistol Grip Stock. Gallery Sights. Exec. Or Better. Original Only.''Richard McEyoy, 7134 S. Union Ave., Chicago, III.

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