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Remember when Marlin set the gun world on its ear with Micro-Groove Rifling*—the exclusive Marlin process that gives you 20 to 25 per cent greater ac- ; curacy than conventional rifle barrels?

You bet you do! That was a great day for shooters —whether they gunned for big-game trophies, targets or tin cans!

And ever since that day, Marlin has set the pace in the firearms field—with new developments that mean more shooting pleasure, better shooting accuracy and

Unretouchedphotos taken by P. H. White Laboratory, Bel Air, Md.

top shooting values! Last year it was Micro-Vue 4-Power Scopes for.22's, money-saving combinations and packaged gun sets.

We start 1959 with High-Power Scopes and combinations, America's lowest-priced .410 shotgun and two entirely new ,22's! And there'll be other big news from Marlin, to make '59 another "Marlin year"!

These exciting new Marlin developments will soon be available at your favorite sporting goods dealer. Ask him to give you the details.

NOTE GAS LEAKAGE ahead of this .30-30 bullet fired from rifle with ordinary rifling. Leakage may reduce muzzle velocity and even cause "muzzle flip", destroying accuracy. Deep grooves may distort and "unbalance" bullet. Photos are unretouched.

NO GAS LEAKAGE ahead of this .30-30 bullet from Marlin rifle with Micro-Groove Rifling—the exclusive Marlin multi-groove rifling process that reduces gas leakage and bullet distortion, gives better accuracy in any caliber, makes cleaning easier.

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