Ntanj G Vist Blue

"FORMULA 44-40" NOW USED IN EVERY U.S. GUN PLANT AND MANY ABROAD. NEW HIGH-SPEED FORMULA gives even better results . . . takes seconds to apply . . . beautifies, protects. Used cold, nothing complicated. Deep blue permanent finish. Actually penetrates the steel. Used by gun factories and gunsmiths everywhere. Gua"r-anteed to be the best cold blue you ever used—or your money back. 3 GUN SIZE________________52.00 ppd.


Quickly installed sight set. Stream, lined front ramp with sight. Rear sight with both windage & elevation built in. Both installed by simply tightening Allen set screw. Front ,560 i.d., rear .77 5 i.d. Plenty of wall thickness for reaming to all popular sizes. Blued, ready to install. ONLY $2.95 for complete set!

As found on Colt Sporting Rifles

As found on Colt Sporting Rifles


Complete with catch, pin & spring, steel, not aluminium, specify blue or Parkerized__$6.20 complete. (Guard alone, §3.95, F. Plato alone, $2.25, milled fol 1 ower. $1.00, spring 506)

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