Often Imitated But Never Surpassed

The best handgun holster idea in years! Soft glore leather with sturdy rickcl plate clip; fastens i.iside trouser waistband tor perfect comfort and concealment. Handmade to fit YOUK gun . . . give caliber, make and barrel length when ordering. $2.05 IT. or COD. plus shipping. FREE CATALOG ON REQUEST.

Brownsville 18, Texas B&J LEATHER Co.

Fast Draw Timer r^ How fast are you?

Measure vour speed and reaction time to 1/100 second. Our electronic tinier designed for use with wax bullets tor safety. Full loading: instructions. Complete set-up-Limer. switch. Uu-Jict, wires and instruction. $50.00.

FASTIME CO. 1761 Hampton Road

Crosse Pointe Woods 36, Michigan iiQ ¡n 1 99 R. C. B.S. PISTOL O III A RELOADING DIES

Perfect Seating Assured

• Quick Deeapping and Expanding.

• Perfect Seating and Crimping.

• Guaranteed . _ PER Unconditionally. Only * set

At your Dealers or Order Direct—Free Folders.


P. O. Box 729-G Oroville, California

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