Wt. 9 lbs. ONLY 62f! per lb. TOTAL PRICE ONLY $5.58!

You can't buy prime hamburger at this price. Condition of alt rifles is "Gun crank special", meaning that the outline is clearly visible through the rust and you can see light through the bore. Little of that old elbow grease will clean this fantastic bargain to NRA

Roor condition. Crackled with conquest In the hands of fanatical Latin oards. It is truly a precedent shattering bai-gain at only $5.58. shipped pre-oiled. Action alone worth this giveaway price. A gun crank's dream. Adorn this historical relic with an original bayonet, only $1.00. when ordered with this rifle. Supply not Inexhaustible.

Here il is! Why pay more elsewhere? Popular Smith <& Wesson Military & Police Revolver at only $24.95 in NRA v.g. Some NRA Excellent only $29.95. Choice of 4, 5 or 6" barrels.

Leave it to Ye Ohl Hunter to return triumphant with this great est large ride cartridge bargain in America, lodav. Beautiful original Commercial U. S. Krag 220 \ er. KP loads at far less than even reloading com- t poncnls cost. Supplv not inexhaustible, so better order now to l>e sure! Manufactured by Winchester. E'.c.

CALIBER .303 BRITISH $7.50 '

HERE IT IS! Leave il to Ye Ohl Hunter to bring gleaming perfect fresh stock .303 British ball 170 gr. mag-iiilicent issue !o;ids to you at lowest ever price! Stock up now to shoot ihose sunsational bargain Royal Enflelds for 4 almost nolliiiiir! All brass fully reloadable cases! This spark! ing ¡mummi i ion on hand for Immediate delivery.

Unbelievable. wr.-th - s inking. Out true. true. true. Imported spnrUuy .303 British soft-point ammunition \ now available at the unheard of price of SM.75 per 100. Never lias anyone dared offer new hunting ammo at 15c per round, but Ye Old Hunter, being all heart, spared no expense to close a deal all other hunters can 1 cash in on. Brass case, with non-corrosive Herdan prime and 150-Gr. expanding bullet make this the am mi initio buy of the cenLury. Perhaps longer! Be prepared. Stock up! 4

Beautiful, clean. «MM Ball ammunition, all brass cases and boxer (reloadable) type primers. True 0.323 bullets { alone worth practically this give-away price for these . complete M.C. cartridges. Order loday and shoot your 1 fnvoritf Manser at Ihis shoolnhlc pi-ice. for stocks Of this select amnio cannot last forever. Don't delay, order today.

At last! Your favorite Distol cartridge at an absolutely j unheard-of bargain price. Fine original assorted issue i loads from the world's most famous factories to slide 4

I through those no-longer-expensive-lo-shoot 9mm Lugers. Brownings. Radorns. Mausers, or what-have-vou. NOW!!! 4

\ rare and amazing opportunity! Who would have ' thought tliis magnificent lind would be ever available , again—and at a lower price than when originally ma Stock up now while tiiiv stock lasts. Commercial Winchester Strtynless 158 Gr. in original 50-round boxes.

Who else but Ye Old Hunter would have found this . treasure'.' Original Remington L'MC loads in original ' boxes—375 gr. load bullet makes superb target or ( hunting round for those shootable .-»3 Remington rolling blocks. Appears magnificent — shootability un- ( guaranteed. Worth twice this price for components alone!

Unbelievable discovery of enormous underground supply . permits this astonishing bargain icr all you .45 shooters. All U S. manufactured, late date and in sealed boxes i of 50. Not to be confused with our .4 5 "pull in ammo". , this stuff is fully live and raring to fire. Stock up while { the stockin's good, as supply is not unlimited! TODAY.

jfficial letterhead for new sensational discount lists.



The pistol bargain of the year Weblev .V Scott .455 Revolvers in X 11A good condition at the unbelievable price of $14.95. Some NRA Very Good $19.95. Standard of the British Army. (.455 Webley ammunition only $7.50 per 100.) On hand now.

MOST ARE NRA EXCELLENT. Only $14.95 up—WHY PAY MORE elsewhere? On hand for immediate delivery— Order from this ad! (Send permit if your state or city requires.)

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