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The dad-steel jacketed bullet results from bonding or laminating a copper-zinc alloy to each side of a layer of steel. The steel provides the toughness and resiliency while the alloy acts as a lubricant and reduces friction. The steel also allows greater control in designing for deeper penetration and definitely reduces the complete soft mushrooming—the NORMA dad-steel jacketed bullet remains at an expanded angle, gives enormous killing power.


justice that the Admiral should get the highest score, 32x50, for this initial effort. This score included three consecutive shots in the 4 ft. 6 in. bull's-eye and we reckoned he couldn't have done better with the 15-inch guns of his old battleship, the Warspite!

During the shoot, a serious accident nearly occurred. We had sent one of the markers along the top of the mantlet in front of the targets to examine one of them more closely. The order "Bolts Open" had been given at the firing point before the marker exposed himself, but one of the competitors had not heard this, and shortly afterwards fired. The marker was at that moment inspecting the target, but owing to the great distance could not be seen through the sights of the rifle. Miraculously, he was not hit. Commenting afterwards on the episode, the Black Watch Sergeant in the butts exclaimed with a broad grin on bis face, "Och, the man was in noo danger. Ye see, he was standing in front of the bull's-eye!"

On the second day at Barry, in spite of wind blowing strongly straight across the range, we decided to shoot at the three longest "distances, 1,900, 2,000, and 2,100 yards. We had done not too badly so far, and what stories we would have after it was over to impress our children and bore our friends!

It had been obvious to the writer, when deciding to build firing points back to these great distances, that the wind allowances required at them might be more than that available on our sights. Since the targets remained stationary, however, there would be no real problem in aiming at the target upwind of the one that one intended to hit, having made the necessary allowance for the

Wing Cmdr Arthur Whitlock's Mauser is held to stock with receiver clamps.

distance between the centre of one target and the next in minutes of angle at each respective distance. Before we started to fire at 1,900 yards, we reckoned that the wind would probably require an allowance of about 30 minutes or more, and so we put the above system into effect from the start. At this distance, this meant aiming at the target to the immediate left of one's own and putting an allowance of nine minutes left on the sight, the other 21 minutes being accounted for by the distance of 30 feet between target centres.

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little indication as to where they might be going. The highest scorer made 45x75 points, Marling with hits of 3 and 4 values as sighted and scoring 5, 5, 4. 5. 4 with the first fi\e for record—a truly remarkable performance at this distance. Inhappily, his score dropped dismally thereafter, but 45x75 at 2.100 yards speaks for itself. One other firer hit the target with 11 out of bis 15 shots to count for a score of 42. The lowest score was 29. with 7 misses.

At the first ultra-long range shoot at Canonffrome at 1.400 yards in the year 1910, a cup was presented to the winner. Major Tom Ranken, later to become Captain of the Scottish Eight at Bisley for over 20 years. It was a happy link with the past that his relatives should present this cup for the great shoot at Barry this year, and which is to be retained as a challenge cup for what is proposed to be an annual event. In spite of our varying fortunes, the result this year on the total of the two days was a tie between two firers with 167x276 points, while third and fourth places were taken with scores of 166 and 165 respectively; indeed a close finish.

We had had our quota of misses in two adventurous days' shooting. But we could console ourselves in being sure that on the following morning, which was the "Glorious Twelfth" of August on the grouse moors nearby, there would be far more air shots missed at 21 yards range than we had had at 2,100 yards! Yes, it was fun. Come o\er and try it with us!

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