Rarerarerare Gun Bargains

The Bisley Marksman Favorite. Only a small quantity originally manufactured in the popular .22 caliber for military training and competition. Complete your ENFIELD collection with this rarest of all Enfields. (v.g. to excel.) Only $24.50. 2 for $45.00.

.303 Latest Issue Short Lee Enfield No. 4 service rifle, lO-shot, detachable magazine, nitro-proofed. (V.G. to Excel.). 513 75. 2 for $25.00. .30-06 U. S. Enfield (Mfg. by Winchester, Remington, Eddystonc), 6-shot. Strongest .30-06 action ever built—ammo available everywhere. Only $29.50. 2 for $55.OO. As deluxe sporter $4.00 each additional. (V.G. to Excel.)

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