Reloading Equipment

C-H Reloading liquipment was designed by handloaders for hand-Joaders. It is easy to own, easy to operate. Insures perfect ammo every-time. C-H makes a complete line of equipment for reloading rifles, pistol and shotgun shells.

C-H Precision Chrome-Plated Loading Dies are available in over 400 calibers.

C-H Shellmaster reloads complete shotgun shell in seconds without any adjustments or die changes.

C-H Super "C" Press performs all the operation^ of tools costing much more. Only $12.00. shell holder, priming arm extra.

C-H Magnum "H" Press. This unique and versatile press enables you io reload rifle, pistol and shotgun shells.

C-H Case Trimmer insures perfect uniformity from .22 Cal.thru .45 Cal. whether rifle j or pistol cases.

FREE! Send for your C-H Handbook showing, you bow to, make your own custom ammo. Attach coupon to po it card and mail tod a).

C-H DIE COMPANY, DEPT. G-6 √úteSSS P.O. Box 3284 Terminal Annex Los Angeles 54, California Please rush me FREE Booklet

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