sinkable. Designed to carry two persons, is easily carried, and has square stern to permit use of motor boat, oars, or paddle. Of fiberglass construction, it requires no upkeep.

CERAMIC KNOBS, MATCHING SWITCHPLATES designed by the Ceramic Dept. of The Yale & Towne Mfg. Company. Chrvsler Bldg., New York 17, N. Y. "Came Bird" knobs trimmed in 22 karat gold, available in hand-decorated duck, pheasant, quail, and goose patterns. Knobs suited to hunting lodges and country retreats, also lend decorative accent in dens, game rooms. Appropriate gift for hunting enthusiast. Sets gift boxed with heavy acetate, and corrugated shipping cartons provided so tliat they may be sent through the mail individually. Suggested price for set of two switchplates and two knobs with spindle, $11.95; without switch plates set is priced at $6.95; two switchplates alone retail for $5.95.

SILK SCREENED ANTIQUE GUNS framed and unframed. Silk screened in eight colors on choice of light brown wood-grain, solid gray or light tan paper and expertly framed without glass. Fitted and sealed in natural wormy chcstnut frames. Overall dimensions of frames 14Vi" x 18'A". Sold individually or in sets of one each of the six models. Order from Garrison-Wagner Co., 2018 Washington Ave., St. Louis 3, Mo.


Vi min. click mounts. 1V4" and 1%" objective scopcs. at $65.00 and $85.00 complete. Fully guaranteed. Hunting Scope Attachments 1 Vi" and l1//' objectives, $22.50 and $27.50. Write for details to: R. A. Litschert, Winchester, Ind., or Phone: 45311.

OOGIAK BOAT for sports designed after the Kayak of the Eskimo offered for $179 by the Conrad Company, Box 989, Minneapolis 4, Minn. Can he used for duck hunting, trapping and lake and river fishing. Boat weighs only 95 lbs., is 13' long, 40" wide, 14" deep, made of unbreakable fiber glass, and has fiber float chambers, making it tin-

WATERPROOF HUNT SUIT keeps sportsmen comfortable, warmer and completely protected against bad weather. Complete head-to-ankle protection with two-piece suit. Parka hood with loose flannel lining for face and neck comfort; Triple thick fabric construction, with a layer of cloth inside, another outside and a layer of rubber between, to protect wearer from weather elements. Raglan styled shoulders for greater comfort and freedom of movement. Waterproof hunt suit manufactured by Hodgman Rubber Company, Framingham, Mass.

OGDEN ELECTRIC SOCKS are warm friends to sports enthusiasts. Amazing, safe and comfortable stockings work like an electric blanket for outdoorsmen. Warming wires inconspicuously woven into the socks. Com-

20" x 60" BINOCULARS. Enormous magnification plus wide field of view combined in amazing giant glass. Deluxe lens coatings offer crisp images in any light. 20x makes it ideal for long-distance observation. Included in price is genuine pigskin case, 2 pigskin straps and 4 protective lens caps. Priced at $29.99, postage collect, from the Akron, 4402 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 27, Calif.

ST. CHRISTOPHER MEDAL for protection against traveling hazards on your hunting trip. Newly designed medal can be attached to hunting jacket. Use as a money clip, sun visor clip for auto, and other uses. 24 k.t. gold plated will not tarnish. Priced at $1 pp. Send check or money order to the Lehigh Company, 8842 N. Lamon, Skokie, 111.

pletely insulated, light weight wires connect socks with the battery carrier on belt. Wires run beneath clothing along each leg. Allow complete freedom of movement for all sports. Available in men's sizes 10 thru 13. Product of the Taylor Sales Company, 226 West Wayne Ave., Wayne, Pa.

"SUPER REBEL" POWER SAW manufactured by Thomas Industries. Tnc., 410 South Third St., Louisville 2, Ky., is reciprocating blade power saw. Weighs only 24 lbs., 12 ounces, with six moving parts. Uses direct drive with no gears, belt, or sprocket. "Super Rebel" is priced at $189.50.

SPOT SHOT can help improve your score with either rifle or pistol. Save money on the cost of ammunition through dry fire practice at home that will increase your shooting skill in a minimum of time. Handy-sized combination scoring and bullet impact plotting board enables you to see your scoring at a glance, as well as the numerical order of each shot fired. Accompanying booklet of instruction and shooting hints available with Spot Shot. A product of Custom Craft Company. P. O. Box 457-M. Pasadena. Calif.

SLEEPING BAG-TENT offered by Julee Mfg. Corp., Holyokc, Mass. Called the Com-

WITH &ms panion, it lias advantages of regular sleeping bag and tent plus following additional benefits: Tig Pit weight, easy to erect, compactly packaged for storage, and guaranteed to provide comfort and protection in all kinds of weather. Made of Nylon Pima, water repellent, hunter green, size 60" x 82" x 42" with sewed-in floor of water-proof, rubberized material. Double sleeping bag made of colorful printed and O.D. percale, bottom size 60" x 82" with mattress pocket. Attached front flap with brass zippers on each side can close entrance for extra protection. Shipping weight 15 lbs. Companion priced lower than an individual tent and sleeping bag. Single unit only $29.95; double unit $44.95.

SPRING CANNON SHOOTS at Wadsworth, 111., on Wadsworth Road at LIS. Route 41, between Chicago and Milwaukee, take place on historic Valley View Farm. At Valley View Farm is the Lake County Museum of History, a bona-fide museum dedicated to the history of Lake County. Authentic, interesting Civil War uniforms, muskets, and haversacks are on display, portraying Lake County's role in the War. Antique business, attached to the museum, is run by manager Bob Vogel (wheelman, right above) who buys and sells guns, always has large stock on hand. For information-packed folder, write Vogel, Valley View Farm, Wadsworth, 111.

"ADIRONDACK" HUNTING SOCK expected to be leader in 1959 line of outdoor sox. Long-legged, long-wearing sox for out-doorsmen can be worn with half boots or high-tops. Reinforced heel and toe construction assures plenty of comfortable mileage. Red and green top banded, gray body and white heels and toes. From a blend of wool and nylon yarns. A product of Ballston Knitting Company (Ballston Spa, N. Y.).

COMPACT GUN CLEANER fits into plastic case smaller than a cigaret package. Can be carried in sportsman's shirt pocket. Made entirely of brass to avoid rusting. "Rod" is flexible eighth-inch ball chain 40" long with a threaded socket at each end. Fitting into sockets are a wire brush sized to a specified rifle caliber and an eyelet to hold a cleaning patch. With the brush or patch attached, the other end of the chain is dropped down through barrel and cleaner is pulled through. Whiz Gun Cleaner Kit comes complete in a 3" x 2" x %" plastic container. Retails for $2.50. Manufactured by Backus Company, Smethport, Pa.

SLEEPING BAG-TENT offered by Julee Mfg. Corp., Holyokc, Mass. Called the Com-

PREST-O-SEATS by Wamco designed to meet sportsmen's needs. Sit at favorite sports. Bump seat with knee, seat opens in instant, spring-loaded automatic operation. Compact, portable, weighs only 27 ounces, of anodi/.ed aluminum construction. Seat is stable and strong, supports up to 500 lbs. High fashion styling, upholstered foam cushion in four colors: maroon, moss green, jet black, golden brown. Unconditionally guaranteed. Manufactured by Wamco. Inc., 1342 West Slauson Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

INDOOR-OUTDOOR BARBECUE GRILL, called the Barba-Charo, of the Fireside Line, is constructed of wrought iron. Designed for both indoors and outdoors use. A set of chrome plated steel extension legs raise grill to regular height for outdoor use. Easy to set up, easy to clean. Electric motor or battery powered spits available. Measures 21" x 8" x 15" erected. 16" x 4" x 22" when packed. Further information furnished by writing Ryder-Elliott Inc., 2140 South Davie Ave., Los Angeles 22, Calif.

JAK-PAK solves problem of "packing-in" gear for outdoor sportsmen. Only 12" high, 14" wide and 5" thick, Jak-Pak will hold all necessities for any outdoors trip. Built of heavy colorfast, water repellent and mildew resistant canvas of bright color for visibility and safety; large inner zipper pocket, easy access outer pocket and adjustable cover flap for extra capacity. Adjustable web shoulder straps for maximum strength and comfort. Available for immediate delivery by mail order, $12.95 each Federal Tax included, postpaid. C.O.D. 513.95 Federal Tax included. From Jak-Pak Co., 55 Dodge St., Lebanon, Oregon.

LIFE-LITE is unique rechargeable flashlight that never needs battery replacement. Can't wear out. can't leak or corrode, designed for life. Every sportsman in the family will want one, in fact, a pcrfect gift for everyone. Convenient to carry and use. Fits in pocket, purse, glove compartment of car. Life-Lite retails at 85.95. From the line of The Walton Co., 128 E. Broadway, Box 163, N. Y. 2, N. Y.


(Continued practice. The "kit" included a pair of pistols with big metal shields forward of the trigger Suard to protect the shooter's hand. Faces were covered with a heavy wire mask and strong safety goggles. In later styles, the heavy glass "windshield" was built into the wire of the mask. Wearing a cloth cape or smock was recommended, to prevent bullet sting through ordinary clothing. But there is only one catch to trying this sort of thing today, the kind of guns used.

Today's quick draw simulates a gun fight, as did the practice duel. But we don't, now, shoot at each other; we have timers that can "tell who won" without danger of bullet sting or powder burn—or the "accident" of getting a live round mixed in with the wax bullets. Don't, for heaven's sake, try real duelling, or we'll have frantic stories published describing quick draw as just another form of "Russian Roulette!" Stick lo timers, paper targets, and wax bullets. They'll give you realism enough!

And stick to quick draw clubs that put the emphasis on safety. Good clubs forbid wearing bolstered guns around the club as ornaments. They forbid loading a gun (even with caps or blanks) except on the firing line. Horseplay on or oil the firing line is not allowed. And under no condition do shooters duel each other!

For practical draw-fire-accuracy, the wax 3) ullet puts safety into the hands of the gun-swift. And it is the most economical shell ever invented. Its cost is almost nothing. No reloading machine is needed, although reloading tools can be. successfully used and will make the job neater and faster. Only primers are used for propulsion; xo powder. So loaded, the wax will only sling a little; it will not penetrate flesh. (Even so, the sting will pull you back to caution if your draw gets so fast that you fire without drawing!) Add a metal deflector plate to the bottom of your holster, to turn away the wax slug, and you can slap leather with safety. It's not romantic, but it's more fun, and it's better for shooting. What's more, you'll be a "faster gun" becausc of it. You can go al! out for speed once the danger is removed from practice.

In modern wax loading, you first de-rap the shell. You can use a slim center punch, or a reloading outfit. To increase the power a little, drill out the inside primer flash bole a trifle, leaving just enough to shoulder the primer with anvil. The exact size of drill varies depending on cartridge and primer size. Knowing what you want to do, just use your judgment and go ahead.


from page 20)

Next, load with wax. This is sort of a cart-before-horse procedure as compared with usual reloading, but if you prime before you load the bullet, you'll compress air which will push the bullet back out.

There is nothing special about the wax used. I recommend regular canning wax, which can be purchased in bars 3"x5" at most grocery or hardware stores, Paraffine, Para-wax, Essowax, are some of the brands.

Just push the de-bulleted, primerless case down through the bar of wax. Then set the case in a priming tool and push in the fresh cap. Remember if you put powder in this load, you're right back where you started, fooling with live ammunition. Even a light slug of wax will make a bad wound if driven with a powder charge behind it. Further, the flame of the powder will heat up the barrel and cause the wax to strip and foul up. The whole purpose of this load is accuracy at short range. Without any powder, when you have completed the load you will have a shell accuralc to say 30 feet, depending on how clean your gun is.

The wax will foul your barrel, so I recommend cleaning after each 50 rounds. Just wipe the bore clean with a wire brush. An important thing to remember is that, once you have enlarged the flash holes, the cases should not be reloaded with powder and solid bullets. Cher-ignition, loss of accuracy, and higher pressures will be the result, with possible jamming of your cylinder from popping primers. Best suggestion is that you use some cases that arc wholly different from your standard or reloaded bulleted shells. A batch of .41 Russian shells, which are short, would last indefinitely in your Ruger or S & W .41 Magnum, or .44 Colt SA. and would be short enough to he obviously distinct from the bullet load*. In the .38 calibcrs, you could use nickel cased Special wax loads, reserving your brass cased .357 Magnums for outdoors and hunting. This way, you would not be likely cither to confuse live ammunition during your wax load practice, nor bullet load a large flash hole wax load case.

As a target, you'll need area, at least until you get to putting them in close. Get a cardboard box. You can find them up to 6' high by 3' wide—refrigerator cartons, for example, or the thin ones in which doors are delivered. Place a Colt silhouette target over the front; stand say 20 feet away, and draw and shoot. Of course, make sure everybody is behind you and no person can accidentally step in front of your gun. Start out slow and develop speed with pre cision. I personally do not slap the hammer back while the gun is in the holster. I cock after the gun clears the leather. It's just as fast that way, and—I still have all five toes on both my feet!

With this load, the noise is about that of a .22. Cost is. as near as I can figure it, about lc a round. It's even less if you save the fired wax and remell it into blocks. The thickness of the block, of course, will decide the size of the bullet you squeeze into the case. And a penny a shot is about as cheap as you can go in centerfire shooting. If you use a cardboard box for the target, you'll find the wax will punch through one side, but won't penetrate to the other, thus saving a cleanup job and keeping the wax in one spot ready to salvage for reloading.

When you are wax-loading, the wax will be at room temperature. You can cool the wax loads (and your gun) in the refrigerator, but don't freeze. In summer, you must be careful of heat. If the wax melts, it will probably destroy the primer and ■you'll have lost a shot. A camp cooler is an excellent unit for storing your wax-bullet loads. Keep temperatures down with those liquid "permanent ice cubes" which are frozen in your refrigerator, then placed in the cooler. The "Frigi-Frceze" is one brand of "liquid icecubes."

1 mentioned a metal deflector for the holster. Make it of aluminum, fitted to the back of the holster and slanted out at about a 45 degree angle at the bottom, where it extends below the bolster. This will deflect any wax bullets that are fired prematurely.

Many shooters are leery of fast draw, and it is true that some of the long-sideburns, fancy-booted quick draw crowd seem a little more than normally cccenlric even for the gun games. But the great thing about shooting is—it has something for everybody. This is a sport that has caught on. and it's here lo stay. I say- don't damm it because it's young and has. like all youngsters, blundered. Instead, let's make it safe and support it.

The U.S. Revolver Association in Springfield, Mass.. home of Smith & Wesson handguns, has considered ways lo serve and coordinate the quick draw fans. The Colt company has worked out a terrific and progressive quick-draw program operating through their dealers. Local quick draw clubs exist everywhere, and several national clubs have tried to get national following. The National Fast Draw Club, 133 Burke A\e.. River Rouge. Michigan, which I helped organize, is -chcduling a national championship competition the first week in October. On the schedule is fast draw (willi aecu-1 Continued on ¡¡age 60)

The Finest Revolver and Pistol

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