Author has invented wax bullet loader for safe fast gun work.

ONE HUNDRED eighty-six thousand Americans can't be wrong! And that fantastic figure is, according to a survey made by a big New England club, the number of members enrolled in the literally thousands of quick-draw clubs which have sprung up all over the country. It doesn't even attempt to include the additional multitudes (numbering in the tens of thousands ) of individuals who are practicing quick draw "on their own," without club affiliation.

California is probably the hottest spot for leather-slapping enthusiasm; but staid, conservative "Down Easters" are not far behind, with clubs boasting from 40 to more than 125 members. One research outfit says that only about half of the current quick-draw enthusiasts belong to other, more conventional, shooting groups; the rest are brand new shooters, drawn into the ranks of gun buyers and gun users by the romantic, Old West flavor of this newest shooting sport.

To us who love guns, no movement (call it "fad" or


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