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Tt should be a challenge and a goal. First, most of that army of sixteen million hunters can be expected to own shotguns. Or, if the hunter is a rifleman and doesn't own a shotgun, at least he or she is a shooting fan, and likes the smell of gunpowder. Members of the vast hunting army don't have to be introduced to the joys of shooting and handling a sporting firearm.

It's inconceivable that every one of the 16,000,000 hunters would not enjoy shooting just one round of trap or skeet, just for the experience, if for no other reason. Certainly it is true that great numbers of the hunting clan descend on trap and skeet clubs for some warm-up rounds prior to every fall bunting season. But. it is also conceded that millions of hunters have not yet shared this enjoyable experience.

Comes now the question. How do you get 'em out to the gun club? There they are, ready-made prospects for bigger, better, more active gun clubs. A prime potential for greater publicity, wider public acceptance of the clay target sports, and all the strength of sheer numbers! Do we take the mountain to Mahomet, or do we bring Mahomet to the mountain?

As it stands now, it would seem that we have enjoyed only fair to middling success in bringing the mountain to Mahomet. So. let's take the pile of rocks to Mahomet; Mahomet being the 16,000,000 hunters.

We can and should adopt the policy of the great fraternal order whose slogan is "Everyone bring one." If every trapshooter and skeet shooter of record will "bring one," we can move the mountain piece by piece to the bailiwick of Mohamet.

Let's all look about us, and bring, drag, coerce, cajole, beg, or importune one of our friends who hunts but who doesn't shoot clay targets out to the gun club. If only half of us succeed, we'll trigger the greatest boom ever known, literally and figuratively, in the history of the shooting sports!

I close by wishing good hunting to IfP^ the hunter of the hunter. Lfl

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