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Mossberg's battle proven Tacticals coming your way.

There's a new line of truly mil-spec tactical shotguns coming your way through the auspices of America's oldest family-owned firearms manufacturing company, O.F. Mossberg & Sons. Based on the only 12-gauge pump action shotgun to ace the US Military's brutal Mil-Spec 3443 testing standard, the new family of Model 590A1 Special Purpose shotguns includes a model for just about any purpose you can imagine, including the wildly futuristic "Rolling Thunder."

I keep a close watch on what sells in my hometown in Arizona, and what sells in the home security market are Mossberg pump guns. For several years, the fully tricked out mil-spec Model 590 with its heavy-walled barrel, metal triggerguard and safety, perforated heat shield, M7/M9 bayonet lug and speed-feed stock was the rage. I'm sure its similarities to the classic Winchester Model 97 trench gun was its real appeal, but buyers soon discovered the full-dress mil-spec was a bit on the heavy side to lug around unless you had the access to a Humvee or mule.

Times change. The most popular model for the last few months has

Mil Spec 3443 Testing

been the Model 500 Persuader with a saw-toothed, standoff, breeching-type, muzzlebrake. It looks cool and menacing and, weighing only 5-1/2 pounds, it's handy.

The Test

The government's "Mil-Spec 3443" requirements for a replacement combat

Mil Spec 3443 Testing

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