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Training DVD: $ 6

Double-barrel shotguns

Gun-mounted flashlight: Jf 6 3

Respondii^ to a threat down the hall in the middle of the night?

You can1t put a price tag on your family's safety.

The thought of investigating the bump in the nighl is frightening. Knowing haw to respond correctly un save lives. Ctint Smith's Thunder Ranch defensive training videos can help-

Seven riileienJ DVD courses are packed lult of easy to lollaw lechniqtm 3nd gun handling principles for all ability levels. You dont have to bi a gun expert lo learn from Clint's engaging and onlertaining teaching ssylc. Each two-disk :ourse p'events delen&ive ideas that yon can eatily apply lo your i nviranmsiH with your gun. HSheeplc" believe there will always he hcip available when you nged it.

Pqt everyone else there's Clint Smith's Thunder Ranch defensive training videos.


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Two-disc »1 only W9.55 — Ortftr Td day: (800) 683-9818 (U-F km -Sp T P£T| ifif«. ifiwrt:an Ih fi fl g un r»f. cwm'T Rvi ib. h 1 rn I

Special Defensive Training Facltage: All Seven Tftka Only $3£5! ^■frfrfts^-WwMrtgjfl:



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