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Chest Holsters For Pistols

David Johnston's chest holster is a quality rig for the serious outdoorsman. Not a speed rig, it nonetheless keeps the handgun within reach should an encounter with a 4-legged friend go awry.

of the year and the chest mounted rigs are a personal favorite while working outdoors on fence repairs or riding ATVs and the like. The presence of so called cougars or mountain lions, depending on where you're from geographically, are not necessarily a cause for a city slicker to panic, but the prudent resident should be watchful as the cats are prolific here in our part of the world.

The chest mounted rig used in conjunction with a lanyard pretty much confirms you'd have a gun handy and handy to reel in, in case of a short-range gun-claw-teeth conflict. To clarify up front: These types of holsters are not intended to be concealment rigs and they are in fact not even intended to be quick to draw. They are in fact supposed to be positive in retention and I think provide a stable platform in case an awkward draw is required. I have a couple of chest mounted rigs and recently acquired an excellent rendition made by David Johnston of Diamond D Leather based in Chugiak, Alaska.

In David's country they have truly big and potentially dangerous animals, so his holster works well for guides, ATV, snowmobile and airplane people. David makes this holster style for all handguns and mine for my Smith & Wesson revolver is well made and — most importantly to me — the holster rides correctly as well as staying in place while being worn. If you're in the outdoor line of work-and-play, the Diamond D holster is a solid and functional way to carry a defensive handgun you may want to consider.

I know I like mine. t-..i david johnston


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