The futuristic "Rolling Thunder" model sports a barrel stabilizer with Picatinny rib.

shotgun after the wear-and-tear of Vietnam are interesting. To meet the stringent specifications, a pump-action shotgun had to fire 3,000 consecutive rounds with no more than two malfunctions and with the development of no unserviceable parts. Plus, it had to continue to function under the most extreme environmental conditions. The Mossberg Models 500 and 590 were the only shotguns to meet or exceed the standards, and Mossberg has been walking away with the military contracts ever since.

Being the major shotgun supplier to the military and law enforcement communities, Mossberg found it convenient to utilize the Blackwater Worldwide training facility in Moyock, North Carolina, as the site for its shotgun armorer training programs. Blackwater also offers a range of tactical shotgun courses for the military, law enforcement and civilian communities, so I paid a visit to Blackwater to see just how well the new 590A1s would perform.

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