Ace Barrels Also Available

and Mexican and Kar Small Ring

244 Rem., 250 Sav.. 257 Roberts, 7MM, 300 Sav. and 308 Win.

% Barrels are ready to be turned into your receiver. They need only have headspace checked — # DEALER inquiries invited and GUNSMITHS be sure to ask for our special descriptive literature on this m f time and money saving tremendous value item. RETURN PRIVILEGE IF NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED, §


Authorixed Installation Write for Free New List #31.—We Stress Individual Service.

Finest gunstock wood. Very dense, yet light in weight, takes smooth finish sharp checkering. Turned and in-letted stocks from $16.50 up to $80.00 for rare fancies. Rifle blanks from $15.00 to $75.00. Shot gun blanks from $10.00 to $40.00. No other wood compares with Rare Circassian as a gun stock. New shipment recently ree'd.

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