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the pride of the british army campaign _tin Li I _ 10 ."i ( ) in Koro all wars from IftOO's Boer ... . beautifully machined true final MK III S.M.L.E. rifles. The famed stand-by even today, of governments all over the world. 10 rd. magazine and .303 caliber ammo assure pernetunl enjoyment. Only si4.95 in perfect operating cowliLion. (Add SI.00 for selected walnut stock if available.) Original long knife blade bayonet only si.45. i-eave it to Ye Old Hunter to bring yon the best Runs for less everytime! Tie a proud owner.

britain's best! Her latest and finest Enfield Service rifle. the No. 4, incorpora tins: all improvements and changes of 50 years of service requirements. Manufactured as late as 1055! Sttll standard in entire British Commonwealth and many other nations. Proudly in service from Buckingham Palace to Kuala Lumpur ! ! Available now rfv«™ «i,. 0M[y S15 9S with bcech stock. (Add §1.00

i walnut stock if available.) Original No. 4 bvhen ordered with rifle — worth twice the price!

from Ye Old for selected Knglisl bayonet only Sl.OO

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