Virtually unfired . . . fresh from government cases

ink of it! A U.S. Army late Model 1917, caliber 30-06 Rifle, virtually unfired . . . fresh from government cases at an unprecedented e-away price of only $27.!)5. The latest and last model bolt action rifle of U.S. manufacture, and designed for super strength. Now in ir favorite 30-0 6 caliber, but easily converted into virtually any caliber for you super-super fanatics. Comes complete with the high-accurate precision receiver sight, and for you telescope enthusiasts, the bolt and safe are already designed for scope clearance. Ye 1 Hunter spared no effort to bring you now the greatest of 'em all, and at what a never before—ever again price shattering bargain, der today while the supply lasts. Plenty of bargain U.S. made ammo on hand at only $7.50 per 100.

(A few "like mint" selected specimens on liand for you ultimate Model '17 seekers at only $5.00 additional.)

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