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lung area, and the 150 grain Core-Lokt had done the business. I doubt that the buck even heard the report of the rifle.

We headed back for camp; proud hunters, with "meal for the table." But the shooting was far from over. Before we ever reached camp, we heard the sound of firing, and when we arrived, Amanda Blake and Mil-burn Stone and "Chester" were wrangling fiercely over their respective skills on tin can targets. They took time out to admire Jim's buck, but "Doc" and "Chester" agreed that they'd had more shooting "right here, without climbin' no mountains."

There was a lot of shooting during the remainder of our stay there. Milburn Stone had a Remington 552 Speedniaster .22 with which he consistently out-shot Dennis Weaver, whose pet was a Remington 722 with Lyman scope on a Pachmayr Lo-Swing mount. But everybody's favorite for nickel-a-shot can competition was "Miss Kitty's" little derringer—a German copy of the old "gambler's friend." Reason everybody liked it: nobody could shoot much better with it than anybody else, so the odds were even.

We burned up a lot of ammunition, one way and another. Score: one buck, a lot of battered tin cans for burial, and a lot of enjoyment. A lot of guns pop on "Gun-smoke," and maybe you'd think that "Gun-smoke" people would be sick of the smell of powder. But they're not. It is agreed that, the next time they can wangle time off from the program, they'll have another shooting vacation. "And next time," Jim says, "I'll bring my Single Actions. With them I can beat Kitty and her durn pip-squeak pistol!"

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