Sierra's new 170-grain, 30-30, flat-nose bullet packs a real wallop ... gives 30-30 owners more killing power for big game.

150 gr.

NEW 170 gr.


precision-made, Sierra 30-30 bullets for handloaders... the popular 150 gr. and the new BIG 170 gr. ...Sierra manufactures 45 performance-tested bullets—22 cal. to 8 mm; 45 gr. to 200 gr.; spitzer, semi-pointed, full-patch, flat-nose, hollow point; flat-base and boat-tail.

Ask for them at your dealer's.

for target or game...

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Star of Pontiac Road Show

MY FAVORITE gun is the Coll Lightning Model Ride, .44-40 caliber, which I used in my exhibitions for the famous Coil's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co. Balance, smoothness of action, rate of fire, and the ability to interchange shells with my Colt Single Action revolvers, are my main reasons for selecting this gun as my favorite.

Although no company today makes a rifle which has the inter-changability of cartridges with their revolvers, it is my firm conviction that with all the reloading which is being done in this country, such a rifle would be a top-notch seller. The interest drummed up between Colt and Winchester, traditional pistol-and-rifle "partners," for the .22 RF Winchester Magnum, may spark a whole new era of combination gun and calibers.

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