Colt Percussion Revolvers

U.S. Model Genuine Spri ngfields. All Numbers, and all milled parts. Original excellent condition

Springfield Garand 30-06 M-t. Like New have very H. as issued. In

J Brand new genuine Colt single il'xm action frontiers. Beautiful ong-Qj^m, -inal case hardened frames and blue fin-¡sh. Immediate Delivery— .45 Long Colt, 5V2" or 7i/2" Barrels. $125.00 .38 Special, 5]/2" or 7i/2" Barrels. 125.00 22 Caliber Colt S.A. Scout 43^" Barrel. 49.50 44 Special, 4y4", Syy or 71/2" Barrels. . . . 125.00 22 Scout Buntline 9 Barrel 69.95

Mauser 1932 Spanish Crown Model 98 short 7mm. Now walnut stocks, arsenal re-blue, new sling, very good shooting condition £39.00. Ammunition S2.5Q a box.


J^p Genuine German Luger 9mm [¡(J Autos. Blue finish checkered walnut grips in good mechanical shooting condition $59.85

Extra clips 7.50

Ammo 100 rds 9.50

Holster (European) 5.50

Erma .22 Cal. Conversion Unit.. 39.95

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