Cu Nsmith

LEARN GUNSM1THING. America's oldest, most complete. 2-yr. course. Earn AAS Degree. Recommended by leading Firearms Companies. Modern Equipment. Competent Instructors. VA approval. Trinidad State Jr. College, Dept. GM. Trinidad. Colorado.

SPRING SPECIAL Barreling Price. Regular $40.00 barreling reduced to $30.00. First line barrels only. All standard calibers and wildcats. All work 100% guaranteed. Snapp's Guns hop, 214 N. Washington, Royal Oak, Michigan.

BLOCKSTOCK ING. REBROWN & Reblue. Repair all Make Shotguns & Rifles. Frank LeFcver & Sons, Inc., Custom Gunsmiths. Frankfort. New York.

GENERAL GUNSMITH ING—Repairing, rebluing. conversion work, parts made. Inquiries invited. Bald Rock Gun Shop. Berry Creek. Calif.

BLUBLAK REBLUING—special for 2 months—Bolt action Guns $8.00—20th Century Guns, Norwich, N. Y.

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