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straight by a hotshot in Class A. Top two scores of each class counted for the team. Thus, if two best efforts at trap in Class E were 38 and 37, for a total of 75, and the two best scores in skeet were a pair of 36's, the trap team in that class won one of a possible five team points. The club also scheduled two Saturday's, one in April, and one in August, for shooting schools.

This gun club knows how to attract, and hold, shooters. That this statement is true is borne out by the Waukesha Gun Club's annual Club Championship shoot. In 1958, this shoot, a club shoot, attracted 191 entries in 16-yard trap singles, 89 entries in skeet, 148 shooters in trap handicap, and 83 contestants in a trap doubles event. 'Nuff said.

A1 Zajicek, air machine driver, gin player, bon vivant, and scattergunner, who haunts Lincoln Park Gun Club on Chicago's Outer Drive, is handing out circular calling cards. Man, he can't stand nothing square!

International trap will not be an event in I he 1959 Pan-American Games. Skeet, rifle, and pistol will be shot as scheduled. International or Olympic style trapshooting is a casualty of a ruling by the chancellor of the Pan-American Congress that the event could not be scheduled in 1959 because it was not included in the previous Pan-American Games. An attempt to secure approval for inclusion of the international trap game in 1963 Pan-Am Games is sure to be made at the Pan-American Congress fall meeting, in Chicago, site of the 1959 Pan-Am Games.

Arnold Riegger. a strong candidate for the title of Mr. Trapshooting, when he was burning up the I raps a few years ago, is back at the old stand, after a two-year layoff. And, idleness didn't hurt his shooting eye, it seems. Riegger blew the cobwebs from his shootin' iron with a victory in the doubles event at the Sahara Gun Club's Midwinter Trapshooting Tournament. The news of Riegger's return to the circuit almost overshadowed V. C. Myers' winning a new 1959 Tliunderbird in the same shoot.

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