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finished product is not as simple.

Dardick has added to the double action feature a gas-assist, bleeding from the barrel, which will ease the labor of the trigger finger. The fired cases are pushed pretty heavily against the barrel, and there is inevitably some friction, without the gas-assist. The prototype Dardick pistol which I have clicked, but not fired, on several occasions over a period of years, is easily worked. Now refined in newer prototypes is the formerly rather awkward pistol handle, which was partly required because of the large magazine capacity—a non-jamming double row of 20 shots.

Trounds can be carried in disposable skeleton clips or charges and easily loaded into either side of the magazine (in the 20-shot model) until full. Loading can also be accomplished while the gun is in use. The weapon need not be placed out of action momentarily in reloading, as is an auto pistol with the clip removed or revolver with cylinder swung aside. In a lull in a fire fight, the arm may be filled up, with all tile while a live round lying ready to spin into place and fire.

Novelty, or new look to an old story, depending on your gun collecting background, is Dardick's pistol-rifle combination. The gun is being made as a basic mechanism, and loaded trounds in .38 Special caliber, or rim-fire shell adaptors in .22. can be used in the same gun machine. Interchangeable barrels including a .22 rifle barrel with stock attached give the Dardick gun remarkable versatility, for defense and centerfire target use and, with .22 rifle attached, as a country plinker.

Although Dardick is stressing the family fun angle with this unique combination deal (which incidentally and somewhat surprisingly, has the seal of Treasury Department approval so far as the rifle-stock combination is concerned), the greatest value of the Dardick designs may lie in its military applications. Counselor to Dardick in this important field is Mel Johnson, inventor and manufacturer of the Johnson series of light automatic weapons, and one of the world's foremost students of fire discipline in combat.

Johnson has been a strong advocate of a gun which can be loaded in lulls—his old rifles and LMG's could be, and so can the Dardick—and he has recently discussed rapid semi-automatic fire as one answer to the seemingly uncontrollable climb of a full-auto burst. Two or three quick hits are more effective than one shot on and fifty high, is Johnson's irrefutable logic. The double action gas-assisted Dardick gun, in military application, unquestionably would permit this sort of tactic. With large magazine capacity, it would equal, he urges, the effective firepower of full auto weapons. As a rifle combination gun, it would be adaptable to paratroop and assault uses and, since the basic mechanism easily detaches as a pistol again, it serves that purpose also.

The edge has gone off the Dardick gun somewhat for many. There has been a long time between announcement and final production. Refinement of style unquestionably will continue on the tround-shooter. Whatever its application to the current gun picture, the Dardick design is not only unique but one of the most interesting gun-devices to appear in this century. Can it be, as David Dardick hopes and plans, "the shape of things to come?"

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