Egyptian Mauser Carbines

The only genuine post-war 98 Mauser. Produced In Czechoslovakia exclusively for King Farouk's trusty, dusty, desert camel corps, these short 98 Mauser carbines have seen little or no use. All very good or better, with all milled parts and 23" barrel. A truly remarkable top grade Mauser guaranteed unbleached by desert sun. and devoid oi all sand. Ready for immediate target or field use and absolutely a collector's must. This very limited produclion could well make these the last and rarest of the ranted genuine Mausers. 8MM military ball ammunition with reloadable boxer primers on hand at only $7.50 per C.


The FIND oi the century—the BUY of the century. Complete In every detail and fully functional down to the clouds of dust which rise into the air with every stroke of the bolt. When it speaks, there is thunder in the hills. There is no telling what condition you may attain from the hours spent Joyfully cleaning up these horrible specimens, with ... .. ---- ..o-,.. Conditio '

is possible! Only


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