Sensational new slide rod .22 shoots all three—long, short, and long rifle ,22 ammo. Double and single action. A tight, well-made piece, it looks like an old frontier revolver, acts like an old frontier revolver, but shoots popular, Inexpensive .22 ammo. Terrific gun for fast draw enthusiasts, for practice and plink-lng. Looks sharp as a tack. Feels Just right. Not $63, not $75.00, but only $19.95. Complete with fast draw holster $24.95. Holster alone, $7.50,

Famous Make


Sorry, we can't divulge tile name of this famous-make in this advertisement due to ttle sensational LOW TRICE. Terrific barnain. Available in Cals. .380 or .22 Long Iliac Blue. Gift boxed, only $10.95 while they last.

Fires standard <5c high velocity shorts, longs êc L.R. ammo. Excellent for target, pllnklng or home protection. Specs: 9-shot revolver, double & single action, solid frame, safety cyl. (recessed head space). Choice of 4" bbl. or 2" bbl. Only $21.95,

.38 Special COLT Official Police

Dependable, compact. Makes excellent target & protective sidearm. Specs: Swinging-out cyl., 6-shot. 4" barrel, fixed sights, orlg. Colt hardwood grips, newly blued, good „condition inside out. Fires popular .38 Colt ammo. Only $32.50.


1221 S. Grand Ave., Dopt. C-7 lo* Ang*l«s 15, Calif.

Here's your chance to make the purchase of a lifetime. Not only will you save money, but you have the confidence in knowing that everything is authentically advertised and backed up with Seaport's famous guarantee of satisfaction. All orders filled promptly from our vast warehouse stock.

If you want to be an pert gun slinger and first to draw, then this is the holster for you. This authentic fast draw holster keeps you from coming out second best. Expert leather craftsmen cut top grade saddle leather to your individual requirements. insuring a good fit, feel, and freedom of action; Reinforced and heavily stitched for a lifetime of thrilling fast draw feats. Give waist, hip measurement (choice of either .22, .38 or .45 calibers); make and barrel length. Available in black or saddle leather finish. Complete belt and holster (regularly $30.00) only $19.95. Lefty's add $2.00. Holster alone $7.50.

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