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Holster; the Only one of its type, holds a United States patent. Customized to your measurement and your gun.

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tured by Arvo Ojala, the Top Gun of Hollywood and the technical advisor to T.V. and Motion Picture Western Stars.

GUNS in the NEWS

♦ Dallas, Tex. John Nelson, age 100, routed four would-be bandits from his home and shot one of them with an 86-vear-old Winchester. Nelson told police he was wakened by the invaders, grabbed his 1873 Winchester and bla/.ed away. The bandits fled and Nelson went next door and called the police. Later, four men were arrested when one was taken to a hospital with a bullet wound in his shoulder.

♦ Birmingham. Ala. A veterinarian. Dr. Donald G. I.awson, bought a secondhand shotgun. A stork screw was missing and I.awson wrote the manufacturer, Ithaca, for a replacement. From iLhaea president Sheld-don M. Smith came this reply: "We ha\e a pleasant surprise for you. Your No. 264501 . . . was built by us in 1916; was made for and shipped to Annie Oakley.'' Ithaca sold the gun in 1916 for around 3100. As a collector's item, il is said to be worth something over $2.000 todav.

♦ Taconia, Wash. Superior Court Judge Bartlett Rununel won GUNS "Quote Of The Month" award with the statement, to a meeting of the National Rifle Association in Washington, D.C., that "with the increase of crime, it might well be said that a gun is still mail's best friend."

Rifle marksmanship is traditional in the Marine Corps, should not suffer under the Corps' present commander. L SMC Commandant General Pate, in naming a general officer (Brig. Gen. Chester R. Allen) to command the new Marine Marksmanship Training Division, stated: "The weapon of the Marine is still the rifle. Our success or failure on the battlefields depends on the Marine's individual confidence in and ability with this weapon."

♦ Pittsburgh, Pa. While Marie Wray, a clerk, was showing a customer a surplus Army rifle, the gun pointed in the direction of a man who had entered the store. He promptly threw up his arms and said, "I surrender." It turned out he was wanted by police for passing bad checks.

♦ Richmond, Calif. B-B gun repairing is the work of Mrs. Hazel Bastiaen here. The mother of seven children, she started her business five years ago when her older sons tearfully reported that their Christmas guns were broken. Word of her ability to make repairs spread, and now guns from all over the world come to her shop. Her parts inventory alone comes to $16,000.


Cal. .22 Short

Now that the big game hunting season is past in most parts of the country and the varmint season is in full swing, most dealers may be starting to look for handguns to provide a sizable portion of their gun sales profits.

Whether the need be for a personal defense weapon for the home or place of business, for sporting use in hunting or for every day "just plain plinking", we are happy to be able to fill the need.

Among our many new items we offer the "Starfire" in caliber .380. Along with its companion piece, the "Starlet" in caliber .25, this pistol is made with a frame of a special lightweight alloy, which we call "Starlite". The Starlite pistols are available in a variety of colors and the conventional black to suit the individual taste. In addition we offer the Star Model SI in caliber .32; the Model S Super, caliber .380; the Model A Super, caliber .38 Super; Model P, caliber .45 and the Model B in caliber 9mm Luger.

For the Astra line in this category we offer the "Firecat" caliber .25. While it is among the lowest priced of .25 caliber pistols, it is also the best in quality and performance and is supplied with an extra magazine at no extra cost. A unique addition to the Astra line is the Astra Falcon pistol, available in either caliber .22, .32 or .380 and with extra barrels and conversion units to permit the use of any two or all three of the above calibers in one pistol.

In the .22 rim fire field we have what is probably the widest selection available. Among them we have the tiny Astra Cub in .22 Short, with 6 shot magazine, thumb safety and magazine safety — probably the best deal for the fisherman's tackle box, as well as an ideal gun for low cost plinking; the Star Model F pistols with 4Va", 6" or 7" barrels, in a new barrel design providing simple maintenance with positive performance; the Unique Corsair and Corsair Presentation models in caliber .22 L.R. and the Escort in caliber .22 Short, assure dependable accurate service on top of such features as the large man-sized thumb rest grip, lock open slide, magazine safety and simple takedown and maintenance.

All in all, we have what is probably the most comprehensive line of handguns on the market. We are constantly striving to improve our current models, as well as continually developing new ideas in handguns to add to the F.I. line of sure-fire, profit making sporting arms.

What "FIREARMS" sells sells "FIREARMS."


What "FIREARMS" sells sells "FIREARMS."

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