Small lot of American Made Mossbergs Issued to WW 11 British troops for special training:. Bears British Royal Proof House marks


Ramp front sight. Walnut stock. 7-shot clip. Fires shorts, longs and L.R., ammo. Weighs 7 lbs. 20" bbl. Outside condition good, bore good. Mechanically perfect. Excellent for rifle teams.


Imported from Europe. It is an exact copy of famous Remington Derringer popular in the late 1800's. Valuable collectors' Item. Fine "old world" gun craftsmanship has been employed to give you a superior handgun <fc still retain all the features of the original Derringer. Accurate. Shoots .22 short, long or long rifle ammo. Beautiful blued finish with contrasting checkered black grips. Only $19.95. Western Derringer holster $3.25. ,


This he-man knife made its place in American history and is still prized as an lndispenslble hunting and outdoor knife. Blade has traditional "Bowie Knife" shape, is of polished hl-grade steel. Knife is 13" Jong. Bowie Knife incl. leather sheath only $6.95.

Guaranteed new & perfect in every respect optically and mechanically. Full size, calibrated for center focus. Coated objective and ocular lenses. Dust <5e moisture proof. Lenses precision ground so that you can easily locate and pinpoint distant objects. Extremely light weight, no viewing fatigue. Terrific bargain for shooters, outdoorsmen and for spectator events. Superior light refraction assures crystal clear Images even under adverse lighting conditions. Binocular has Jet black pebble grain finish with strap. Fits into beautiful pigskin case with strap. COMPLETE: 7 x 50 Binocular, carrying case, warranty and gift box. Regularly $29.95, NOW ONLY $14.95. Order while they last.

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