Attention Kntiyld connoisseurs'.

The small brass .stock disc and upper stacking swivel were removed by military directive during WWII.

.303 AMMO:

HERE IT IS! Leave it to Ye Old Hun to bring gleaming-peifcct fresh stock/ .303 British ball 170 gr. magnificent) issue loads to you at only 57.50 pert 100! Stock tip now to shoot those sensa-V tionaI bargain Royal Enfields for almost) nothing! Why pay inore elsewhere! Shipped Soonest. Order NOW! Today! ( Soft Point Ammo? . . . See opposite page.


send 25c for story of America's most famed and most biggest Arms Merchant. Send 50c for 1st edition colored printing of America's amazing now automatic rifle—the Armalite AR-IO—a world first from Ye Old Hunter's secret underground printing press. Send 10c stamp or coin for special Enfield story •'The Finest Rifle in the World"! Also new, "Ye Old Hunter" Round the World Flyer. 25c stamps or coin.

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