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The best handgun holster idea in years! Soft glove leather with sturdy nickel plate clip; fastens inside trotiser waistband for perfect comfort and concealment. Handmade to fit YOUR gun . . . give caliber, make anil barrel length when ordering. $2.95 TP. or C()]>. plus shipping. FREE CATALOG ON REQUEST.



Harvey Prot-X-Bore Zinc Base Cr Jugular Jacketed Swaged Hand Cun Bullets

Fastest, most accurate bullets. All popular calibers NEW! S&W K-22 Conversion to Harvey .224 KAY-CHl'K centerfire. Low recoil, velocities to over 2100 fps. S.F.M. (Shoot From the Mould) moulds for Prot-x-ttore zinc base bullets. JUGULAR jacketed Casting Kits. Swaging Dies, for handgun bullets only. Send 25c in coin or stamps for complete information. custom loads


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