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—Matching mahogany lool box . . . provides compact storage of all shooting accessories and tools for use in the field and workshop.

Model 2115 I 9.50 Mahoaanv 15" kit


1018 Gum 18" kit

Model 1016

45 GT

16" kit

Match Shooters Throughout The Country Acclaim The Smart Appearance, Economy and Sturdy Design of Reiver Kits

• Do-lt-Yourself assembly from precision pre-cut panels of select grade plywood.

• All parts and quality Hardware supplied.

• Maximum protection for handguns . . . space for ammo, accessories and mounting of scope.

• New positive locking gun rack, adjusts for any size gun.

NOW—kits available In choice of woods

• Select grade gum for easy finishing to any effect.

• Luxurious, deep grained Philippine mahogany.

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