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made of heavy (16 gauge) sleel for maximum safely. Attractive, brilliant red and white "Home Range" has cleverly recessed and protected light socket for optional interior lighting. Blued steel spinning targets can be easily removed and replaced with various paper targets available free at most sporting goods departments. Designed for use with BB or pellet guns. "Home Range" can be hung 011 a wall or set on a table. Rubber cleats protect furniture. It is 16" high, 18" wide, 7" deep and weighs 19% lbs. Available at department, hardware, and sporting goods stores or direct from the manufacturer, Morris Sheet Metal Works, 1680 W. Mound St., Columbus 23, Ohio. Price, -519.95, postpaid.

.22 CAL. DERRINGER is shooting replica in modern steel of the "stingy gun" or pocket pistol that changed history. Used by Mississippi River card sharks. Imported from Germany, new Winfield Cal. .22 derringer fires short, long and long rifle ammo. Blue Steel, $22.95. Chrome. $23.95. Plus shipping charges collect. Contact Winfield Arms. 1006 Soutli Olive St., Dept. G-7, Los Angeles 15, Calif.

GUN EQUALIZER. H. C. Sorensen, P. 0. Box 202, Beaverton, Ore., reports they have tested their equalizer on a 30-06 firing 140 rounds without malfunction. Instructions for using the Equalizer follow: Wipe all oil and grease off the gun muzzle, also the contact hole of the equalizer. Dust both with pumice powder. Slide equalizer one-quarter of an inch on the barrel with V cut up. Place ruler or pencil in the V cut, keeping V cut at right angle of the gun stock. Use furnished wrenches to keep equalizer from turning while tightening. Then tap equalizer on with a piece of wood, one-half inch on the barrel (slots in the equalizer must be covered by the barrel), and you are now ready for faster and more effective shooting. The equalizer, and complete instructions, sold with 30 days trial and money-back guarantee.

THREE .45 CALIBER BULLETS for hand-loading are now offered by Hornady Mfg. Co., Box 906-G, Grand Island, Nebr. These include a 350-grain and 500-grain soft nose (SN) with jacket of thick gilding metal and a 500-grain solid nose with a full metal jacket (FMJ) of copper-clad steel. Bullets are available through dealers, the 350-grain at 812 per 100, the 500-grain SN at $14 per 100, and the 500-grain FMJ at $20 per 100.

PLASTIC REPLICA of the official Strategic Air Command's survival rifle, the Eairchild AR-5, is demonstrated by First Lieutenant Roy F. Rohde. a navigator bombardier with the 57th Air Division at Westover Air Force Base, Mass. The bolt-action model ejects plastic shells, fires caps and has the same size and coloring as the actual SAC weapon. Parts are easily disassembled for storage in the oversized waterproof stock. The rifle is molded of high impact styrene and is available at toy counters and hobby shops. Suggested retail price is 82.98. Manufactured by Lindberg Products, Inc., Skokie, 111.

ST. CROIX POPPER BASS BUGS. Designed and used by famous St. Croix River Bass guides. Light cork body lets this St. Croix popper bug ride high on the surface. Makes realistic commotion and Pop with a twitch of the line. Hand made with genuine bucktail streamers. Thick enamel finish cannot waterlog. Three inches from tip to tail. In white, yellow or red-white-blue. Each 55c or 3 for $1.50. From The Gokey Company, St. Paul 1, Minn.

"BUSCADERO" BELT AND REVOLVER HOLSTER displayed at the recent N.S.G.A. Show in Chicago. Belt and holster in full hand-carved design sells for about $25.00, other model retails for $12.95. Since the

show the response has been terrific and production facilities have been rapidly increased to meet the demand. Belt and holster sets manufactured by The Boyt Company, 303 New York Ave., Des Moines, Iowa.

CUSTOM JOB on your Ruger Mark 1 or standard model will place it at top of list of 22 cal. target pistols. Perfect balance, trigger pull (2V4), and accuracy of gun leaves little to be desired, by even most critical shooter. Barrel lengths 6 in. and 6% in., weight 48 oz. and 54 oz. respectively. Complete job with customer furnished Mark 1, $50.00, with standard model $60.00. Complete gun furnished S98.00. Completely guaranteed. From The Custom Gunshop, 33 Herning Ave., Cranford, N. J.

SPORTS MOTIF BELTS from 1" to 2%"

widths, all of richly-grained top saddle and strap leathers with new and different double-clinched ends of polished gold. Extra long adjustment tabs of matching leather or equally handsome large gold chain adjustment. Available in many new sports motifs as shown. Available in four colors: saddle tan, gleaming black, white and deep rich mahogany. Belts are from the line of Workshop Designs, 1009 Narragansett Blvd., Edge-wood 5, R. I.



J 4 I RIMFIRE SHORTS *D3U Per Box, 50 Rdi.

• .25-20 Repeating Rifle Cartridges O AA

• .303 ^ava^ejtifle Cartridges 10 00

• .22 Automatic^ Rifle Cartridges 20 00

• .351 Winchester Self-Loading Metal Patch q ha J Per lOO—Value $14. OO O.UU

• .35 Winchester Self-Loading q AA

• .30 Remington Soft point innn

5 Ear Defenders MSA for the Shooter. Brand i Aft

^ Bore Scopes, New Govt. Surplus; Postpaid, 75c




fast draw fans!

For blazing fast draw action and spinning thrills, use Pointer's Fast Draw Ammo Adapter. It's one of the most important advancements in the art, since the F. D. Holster. Converts your .45 single action so that you can use .22 Rim Fire Blanks without danger of accident. Not only will it be a safe sport, but you'll save on ammo costs, too. Set of 6 in box only $5.95. In addition, for a sharp pistol grip get this new silver finish Regal Pup (shown). Avail, for pop. handguns. Uncond. Guaranteed not to warp or lose it's orig. luster. Only $5.95. Reg. imitation Stag Grips only $4.00. Choice selection of genuine fancy pearl. Ivory or Stag Grips. ORDER NOW! Send for FREE literature. REMEMBER, IF IT'S A PISTOL GRIP . . . WE'VE GOT IT.

Southwest Cutlery & Mfg. Co., Inc.

1309 Olympic Blvd., Montebello 5, Calif.

Never be fore has an achromatic telescope sold for any where near this amazing low price! You get clearer sharper pictures at all powers because of the super compound Achro Lens. No color, no fuzz. Variable eyepiece adjustable in 22, 4S. or 60 power. Lower powers excellent for target shooting and wide angle viewing. Higher powers for long range and Astronomy. Guaranteed to spot .22 holes In the black at 200 yds. Guaranteed to bring distant objects, people, planets, etc. 60 times closer. 5 bakeiite sections, trimmed in gleaming brass—5 precision lenses. A precision American made instrument, unconditionally guaranteed. Carrying case Included. Send only $6.98. Cash, check or money order. We pay postage. ----- • , Hartford, ~----

1309 Olympic Blvd., Montebello 5, Calif.

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