FINE GUNS AT AUCTION. Johann Jacob Kuchenreuter made fine 18th century flint horseman's pistols, which were cased with their original accessories probably some time in early 19th century. Such cased pairs of pistols, plus wide selection of finest Colt arms offered for sale in mid-west, plus Civil War period muskets, carbines, and many other common and fine guns, old and modern, are regularly sold at public auction approxi-

QUICK-SWITCH SCOPE MOUNT, developed by the Redfield Gunsighl Company of Denver, Colo., is of new. advanced design. The Quick-Switch mount locks at absolute zero position every time, permits scope to be mounted low over bore, and gives the shooter instant choice between scope and open sight. The scope is also quickly detachable. Hardened steel pin rotates within hardened bushing, assures lifetime QuickSwitch hinge. Exclusive Redfield design and construction prevents hinge loosening from repeated use. The Quick-Switch is competitively priced.

SNAKE-AWAY is unique chemical spray acclaimed by hunters for its ability to keep snakes away. Packaged in a push-button aerosol can. Spraying a circle around a campsite will keep snakes away from 12 to 24 hours. One can is sufficient for 10 to 12

applications. Snake-Away is available at sporting goods, hardware and department stores. The 12-oz. aerosol can sells for $2.50. ft is distributed by Flamemaster Chemicals, Inc., Division of Dyna-Therm Chemical Corp., Culver City, Calif.

SECTION LAND LOCATER of transparent plastic template instantly locates any section of land on township drawn maps. Fits 8 most commonly used map scales, 4 on each template. Convenient size, 3% in. x 6% in., to fit pocket or ring binder. $3.75 per set (plus sales tax in Calif.) from Jero Templet Co., 8549 Emerald St., Fontana, Calif.

mately every six weeks by Shore Galleries, Inc., leading general auctioneers of Chicagoland. Next sale scheduled this month. For free mimeo list plus bulletins advising of future sales, send stamped long envelope bearing your address to: Shore Galleries, Inc., 3.318 W. Devon Ave., Chicago 45, 111. NOTE: The above pair of pistols were stolen from their case while on display in Shore Galleries last year. Reward for information which leads to recovery of pistols and apprehension of robber. Write to Sig Shore directly at above address.

WOODEN DUCK DECOYS. New line of low cost, wooden duck decoys offered by Roberts Industries, Post Road, Branford, Conn. Roberts Atlantic Coast Modern model, a skillful reproduction of the familiar Broad Bill, is made of fine New England pine. Modern decoys. Both drake (black and white) and hen (brown and white) models available. One dozen (6 of each model) for only ยง36.00. Immediate delivery. Additional information available upon request from manufacturer.

400 "PALOMINO" is a new 22 caliber lever-action rifle announced by O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., 131 St. John St., New Haven, Conn. The Palomino is described as "ultramodern version of glamorous lever-action Western rifle." It's a hammerless, 20-shot repeater with tubular magazine, is chambered for Short, Long and Long Rifle cartridges, and will retail for $68.88. Delivery will be in June, 1959. Stock and fore arm are of genuine walnut, and fore arm has beavertail shape to fit the hand. The tubular magazine holds 20 Shorts, 18 Longs and 15 Long Rifle cartridges. The new 400 has a grooved receiver for quick, easy scope mounting. Weight about 5% lbs., over-all length 41".

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