Swaged Jacketed Handgun Bullets

.38-.357 114 Gr. H.P. Vel. to 2025 F.P.S. . .$5.95 per 100 .44 Magnum 170 Gr. H.P. Vel. to 1950 F.P.S.S6.70 per 1OO .44 Spec. 170 Gr. H.P. Vel. to 1425 F.P.S..$6.70 per 100 Loading Data furnished with en. box. Postage paid on Wildcat bullets anywhere in U.S.A. No C.O.D.. please. Dealers, Police Dept's.. write for wholesale prices. Send

Hunt all game with ONE scope BALvar 8... ^

continuously variable 216 x to 8x

Big Game or Varmint . . open country, brush, mountainous terrain . . . hunt what you want, where you want, when you want with the fabulous BALvar 8. Here's the only multi-purpose scope sight of its kind . . . the one scope you can use for all hunting.

• INSTANTANEOUS CHOICE OF POWER-Turn of ring provides exact power you need from 2'/iX to 8X. No limiting click stops, BALvar 8 is continuously variable with no change in focus, eye distance or point of impact.


OF POWER-Patented B&L Tapered Cross-Hair Reticle, J/3 minute at center, appears sharp, fine at any power.

• YOUR EYE IMMEDIATELY ON TARGET-"Wedge-shape" cross-hairs help you instantly center sight on target.

• WIDE FIELD—40' at 100 yds. at 2Y2X setting. An excellent field of view for scanning or tracking moving target . . . "close in" with desired power and shoot with accuracy.

• USE ON ANY RIFLE-One scope is all you need for all your hunting rifles . . . changes from one to another in seconds, locks in perfect zero every time, ready to shoot.

• STURDY CONSTRUCTION—No delicate internal parts to jar loose; adjustments are made in the mount. Will not knock out of zero. Guaranteed permanently fog proof.

• ECONOMICAL—One investment at less cost than any combination of two hunting sights—fills the need for several scopes. S99.50, or just 10% down on Time Payment Plan.


a 96-page manual filled with valuable information about scopes and scope shooting. Write Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., 635 St. Paul Street, Rochester 2, New York.


The RUGER name identifies a handgun of the highest possible quality. It symbolizes new concepts of gun design and advanced engineering techniques which have developed products widely noted for superior performance and reliability. Thousands of RUGER owners are verification of the incomparable growth and reputation enjoyed by this famous brand of revolvers and automatic pistols.

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