Swedish Mauser Carbine Barrelled Action

6.SMM. Very Good, $29.95—Good $27.95—Fair . . .$24.95. Makes ideal Sporter. Ready to restock.

Special Ammo Offer: 7.92MM Short for German M.P. 4 4 "STURMGEWEHR 44". Very rare $7.50 per 100 rds.

Loose & assorted 7MM Mauser ammo, some misfires, most shoot—200 rds. (with a few extra

Special Loose Ammo offer .30-06 $4.50 per 100. .30-40 Krai* $4.25 per 100.

(Special priccs on case lots.)

save by including postage. all items shipped express charges collect, unless sufficient postage is included with order.

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