The Gun Market

CKOSSBOWS! HUNTING Bows! Factory-Dlrect-Prtces 1 .TayCo. Box 1355. Wichita, Kansas.

THREE LINE Rubber Stamp 1.00. 1.000 Business Cards Prepaid 3.1)0. Hegal Printing Co.. Crooksville. Ohio.

"ACCORDIONS SAVE 50%." Council Music, 101 South Brown St.. Gloucester, New Jersey.

SEND FOR Free list of military rifles. Freedland Arms I'D.. 34 Park Row, New York 38, N. Y.

SELF-DEFENSE—100 TRICK knockouts for self-defense. $1—le each. Priest. Box '251, Evanston. Illinois.

NAZI IRON Cross $1.85, Arm bands $1.83. list 15 cents. Albert R. Bonn, 308 Albert St.. Crere Coeur, Illinois.

03A3 30-06 Sl'ORTER, K3, DIES. $120.01). Carr, 13 Penarth Drive, Wilmington 3, Delaware.

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