Us Carbine Stocks

brand new. complete with new recoil Plate, butt plate, screws, front band spring. 54.95. Same, less metal parts. 83.95. (Very light color stocks, finish sanded but not stained, same prices.) Carbine Handsruards. new. $2.50 ppd. Write wants for other carbine parts.


For Springfield, Garand, Enfield & Krag, fits in butt, nickeled brass, not plastic, as issued, excellent, complete $1.00 ppd.

"\'m extremely proud of our new ,22 Springfield Conversion Unit, which took over 2 years to develop. It offers 1903 Springfield owners double utility by providing them with a man-sired, smooth-working .22 repeater, comparable to the popular but almost extinct U. S. M-2 Springfield .22."

Geo. R. Numrich, Jr., President with the Ù 5 NUMRICH

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