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handball, but he goes to great lengths to determine the easiest and most efficient way to lift a 2%-pound revolver out of a holster and fire it. With him. drawing and firing have become as automatic as walking or opening his mouth when his elbow bends. He is helped by fast reflexes, big, strong hands, and good coordination between hand and eye.

Although Jordan is probably better known for his fast draw than anything else, he has not specialized in it. Besides regular target shooting with pistol and rifle, he uses rifles and shotguns in hunting. His art of shot-gunning will stand the test of skeet and trap fields too. He has fired in competition in the top classification of each, and has broken as high as 100 targets straight at both skeet and 16 yard trap singles.

Jordan is not an amateur exhibitionist or publicity seeker. He has appeared on many local radio and TV programs and on "To Tell The Truth" and "Wide. Wide World" besides "You Asked For It." Such appearances have always been in representation of the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Never has he sought personal gain.

In the Police School at the National Matches in 1958, Jordan was invited to lecture on the quick draw and double action shooting. The crowd seemed to find his lectures both instructive and entertaining, and he was happy talking self-defense with other law enforcement officers. He has been invited to lecture again on the same subjects in 1959.

Do you, like me, wonder, "What if Jordan had gone on to rifle honors?" He considers rifle shooting a science. Had he studied and practiced this s> ience exclusively, what then? Would he have become the man we have been seeking "to beat the Russians?" Or, had he concentrated on the art of shotgun shooting after he reached the top classification, would he have become one of those infallible machines that never miss?

We will never know, because Bill Jordan took a different path. He has never really worked, either, the way some have done, on the quick draw, which has gained most attention for him. I heard of one actor who practiced the motions of drawing and firing blanks—at nothing—three hours a day for five years. He developed amazing speed in creating a loud noise. Jordan has never attempted any such schedule.

Through the years, he has preferred being "pretty good" with various types of firearms in various forms of shooting to possibly being outstanding with one. In the quick draw field he is practical all the way. He emphasizes drawing and hitting without fancy twirling, shifting, or juggling tricks. His weapons and rigs are chosen for possible serious use, and are completely free of ostentation. In short, he is a law enforcement officer and not an entertainer.

Jordan is now an assistant chief patrol inspector in the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service at Brownsville, Texas. In this position, he is a staff officer to the chief patrol inspector, the commanding officer, of a Border Patrol "sector." Large sectors may have 140 or 150 officers under the chief and his staff, guarding hundreds of miles of land and coastal boundaries against the illegal entry of aliens. Hundreds of arrests may be made each month. Some of them may not be easy, which is what started this off in the first place.

I asked, "What first started you on quick draw work?" Jordan dryly replied, "As a young man it was explained to me that, with 20 years of service, at 50 years of age, I could retire and be paid for doing nothing. About there I decided to become 50 years of age."

If he still feels that way a couple of years from now, he can sit on the porch with his wife, Anne, while his man Jason brings an occasional mint julep, and starts his rocking chair to rocking.

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