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The Wolverine design features a shrouded external hammer rather than a striker. Olympic Arms' safety blocks the sear and disconnects the trigger from the Bring mechanism.

like a ventilated rib and better safety mechanism. Depending on whether it is wearing plastic or wood grip panels, the weight of the new model empty is only 17 to 19 ounces, yet the design of the frame hugs your hand and makes the Wolverine a natural pointer with an almost neutral balance. The doublestage trigger on the unit I tested was outstanding, breaking at 3 pounds, 10 ounces. It felt even lighter.

High Speed Ammo

The Wolverine is designed around high-speed ammunition, and true to the recommendations in the exceptionally clear owner's manual, Winchester Super X was a sterling performer, turning in 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" 10-shot groups at 25 yards. The Wolverine barrel is 4.6" long yielding a sight radius of 5-1/4". The sight picture is bold and well defined. The rear, polymer sight is adjustable for windage. Elevation was smack on at 25 yards.

The 10-shot magazine functioned without a hitch. The Olympic Armssupplied takedown tool doubles as a tool to depress the follower as you load. The one catch to the magazine is it must be fully seated in the grip with the magazine catch latched. It's an easy slip up on that one, and, no, there's still no hold-open device in play.

In short, the lines, handling and shooting qualities of Olympic Arms' new Whitney Wolverine are as captivating today as they were 50-years ago. Hopefully, this time, in a new century, the Wolverine's time has finally come.

Want to read the original 1958 cover story? Go to www.gunsmagazine. com and click on Web Blast to view the original story. nrra


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