Fillet Blades

8A Stainless steel fillet blades. Kit include* blade, pins, handle material and instructions. Optional leather sheaths sold separately.

Fisherman's Fillet

12" overall, blade 7". 1/16" thick.

SS910 Blade Only 7.95

SS199K Fisherman's Kille« Kit l 0.95

Alaskan Fillet

16" overall, blade 10 1/2". 1/16" thick

SS912K Alaskan Fillet Kit 14.95

Truui Fillet Blude

Thin, flexible 8A Stainless fillet blade Overall 10-1/2". Made 5-3/4" x .045" thick Kit contains blade, pins and dynondwood

SS920 Blade Only 9.95

SS920K Trout Fillci Kit „..12.95

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