Keep your helmet close.

ilf universities offered degrees I in some subjects I've done advanced studies in, I figure I could easily pick up a handful of PhDs. One might be "Manual Excavation in Varied Soils." I've dug fighting holes, "ranger graves," cat-holes, slit trenches and supply caches in just about every kinda dirt, mud, permafrost, rocks, sand and loam imaginable.

It's more than just digging, y'know. There's a lot of math and psychology involved. Did you know the speed of excavation can quadruple and the desire to excavate can multiply geometrically depending on the frequency and proximity of incoming rounds?

I think I've already earned a doctorate in "Shrap & Frags*" too. Over a 100 have taken up temporary or permanent residence in my body; thank God, most of them very small.

I generally divide 'em into two categories: whacks an' zings. The "whacks" were kinda like gettin' hit with a fungo bat. Imagine bein' hit by a red-hot Mach-2 wasp — stinger first — and you got a "zinger." I've taken a few I could almost shrug off, while others prompted a still, small voice in my gourd whispering, "dude ... you think this is bad now? It's gonna get worse ." Lately, I get the same reactions from the news — just shrap and frags of a different variety — especially news our lamestream media ain't giving you.

A Taste Of Things To Come

From a little newspaper in Iowa, we learned in February of an "Urban Military Operations" training exercise scheduled for early April. The Carroll National Guard unit planned a company-size search for a "suspected arms dealer" operating from a residential area in Arcadia. First, troops would begin "patrolling the streets and conducting reconnaissance operations." Photos of

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