With tapered cartridges, a 7/8" washer between the sizing die and the press can eliminate the need to lube cases.

1/8" thick, so when inserted between die and press the die doesn't size the bottom 1/8" of the neck. This helps center the case in the chamber.

Neck-sizing or partial sizing also tends to reduce or even eliminate case stretching, because the cases fit the chamber more snugly, and also aren't squeezed down during resizing.

No Trimming

This greatly reduces the need for case trimming, the biggest single time-waster in rifle reloading, the reason many highvolume shooters prefer "improved" cases, such as the K-Hornet or .223 Ackley Improved. The sharp shoulders just about eliminate case stretching — unless, of course, you're the type who just has to load 'em up hot. Believe me, loading to slightly lower pressures will never cause you to miss, and saves lots of time at the loading bench.

While some modern handloaders use electronic powder measures, the old-fashioned manual measure is still faster. Luckily, these days there's also a bunch of clean-burning, small-grained powders that meter easily and accurately in any size case. Use them. There's one for every purpose these days.

Finally, do a little time-and-motion study on your actions at the loading bench. It took me a while to realize how much time I was wasting because of where my loading block, loose bullets and cartridge box were placed during bullet seating. Now they're in a rough semi-circle on the left side of my press, where they can be easily reached without my hand knocking anything over.

I also started dumping bullets into a shallower tray, rather than leaving them in the box where I have to reach way down inside to grab one. It's gotten to the point where I can load 500 rounds of .22 Hornets in a couple of hours. No, this isn't as fast as a progressive press, but it isn't slow, either. rTTTT^l

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Patented Cavity

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Excellent Performance


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