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Firearm in Personal Protection. This little book is filled with no-nonsense information concerning carrying a handgun. You can go to the Internet and find all sorts of bravado, bragging and macho-ism concerning the carrying of handguns and using one in self defense. It's all nonsense. Mas presents the reality of carrying a firearm.

Most folks believe the first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun. That is not correct! Both Mas Ayoob and another of our staff writers, Clint Smith, would be the first to tell you Gunfighting Rule No. 1 is if there is any way possible to avoid a gunfight, do it. Anyone carrying a firearm for self defense who doesn't adhere to this rule needs to re-think the whole aspect of carrying. Clint Smith founded Thunder Ranch outside of Kerrville, Texas, and a few years ago moved his operation to Oregon. Clint's first book will be out shortly, perhaps by the time you read this, however the publishers of this magazine offer a series of DVDs under the Thunder Ranch Training Series. Currently there are six 2-disk sets available. There are certainly many fine teachers out there, however Clint Smith has to be ranked right at the top. He is witty, practical and provides a no-nonsense, commonsense approach.

All of Clint's teaching in the Thunder Ranch Training Series addresses mental preparation and proper technique, and also provides shooting demonstrations. One of the Clint's most commonsense approaches is found in Defensive Firearms/Defend Yourself With The Gun At Hand which is based on the proposition of being able to defend yourself with whatever gun is available. Everyone doesn't have a 1911 or pocket pistol, but the standard hunting rifle or shotgun can be quite effective in self-defense and Clint provides information on how to do this. Other Thunder Ranch DVDs include Defensive Handgun, Defensive Revolver, Defensive Shotgun, Urban Rifle, and Defensive Tactics. All are subtitled Logical Solutions for the Real World. All of these exceptionally good instructional DVDs can be ordered at

Old West Teachins

One of my all time favorite movies is Quigley Down Under. To be able to effectively portray buffalo hunter Matthew Quigley, actor Tom Selleck had to learn how to realistically handle a Sharps rifle. To learn he needed a teacher and the teacher selected was our own Mike Venturino. Selleck went to Montana for expert teaching from Mike who is probably the reigning expert on frontier firearms. In fact, Mike has produced four excellent books covering the firearms from the last three decades

The learning should never stop. Here are teachings from our staff writers (from left to right) Clint Smith, John Hisself, Mike Venturino and Mas Ayoob.

of the 19th century. His books provide lessons in history and use of these great old firearms, as well as reloading each particular caliber of sixgun, single-shot rifle, and levergun with black powder.

The Venturino Quartet includes Shooting Colt Single Actions In All Styles, Calibers & Generations and Shooting Sixguns of The Old West, which is a sequel to the first book presenting the rest of the frontier sixguns available. Shooting Lever Guns of the Old West covers the use and loading for all the great Winchester and Marlin leverguns and, finally, Shooting Buffalo Rifles of the Old West addresses the use and loading of the grand single-shot rifles of the frontier.

John Hisself

I've been a teacher all my adult life, first in the classroom and then with my writings. I've tried to play the teacher in all of my five books. Two of these, Big Bore Sixguns and Big Bore Handguns cover the history and use of sixguns, semi-automatics, and single-shot pistols from .357 Magnum up, while Action Shooting Cowboy Style mainly looks at sixguns and leverguns from the frontier period in the same manner. All three of these are now out of print, however they can usually be located at www.

My latest books are Single Action Sixguns in which I have tried to cover everything from the Colt Paterson of 1836 to the great single actions offered today, while The Gun Digest Book of the .44 covers the history and use of all 44-caliber firearms from the Colt Walker of 1847 through the early single actions, leverguns, and single shots right up to today's .44 Magnums. This is the fourth and final installment of "The Learning Never Stops." However, I may have to reconsider the final part as we haven't even touched on the many books offered on the history of various firearms as well as such a great book as Hamilton Bowen's The Custom Revolver. A wise man once said leave some for seed (I think I have plenty of seed left). f?I7H

Hamilton BowenThe third novel of the Enemies trilogy"/>
The third novel of the Enemies trilogy
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